< January 5, 2013 >

Message from Uli
Announcing the planned Activities for the 1st half of 2013

Greetings to all of You! I hope you had a great New Year.
Here is a condensed list of some of the events that are planned

 for the first half of this year.

2013 is going to be a very busy and intensely productive year ahead, it seems.

We will start off with a two-day Sky Academy in Los Angeles, at the Santa Monica Playhouse,
Jan 21/22. This is a beautiful, intimate theatre, where we held one of the previous Sky Academies
of which we all have fond memories.
I’m looking forward to being there again!

On the next day I will take part in Jason Becker’s “Not Dead Yet” concert in San Francisco,
together with my friends Steve Morse, Richie Kotzen, Gus G, and several other great players.
Jason is an inspiration to all of us and I feel honoured to be part of this worth-while cause.

Following that, I shall be attending the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California,

and will do a signing event for the Sky Guitar Limited Edition at the DEAN booth.

At the end of January we are embarking on my extensive 40th Anniversary Tour of the US,
which will take us all the way through February until the beginning of March.
2013 marks the 40th anniversary of my involvement with the SCORPIONS.
The main theme of this tour will therefore be dedicated to performing my personal favourites
from the five albums which I recorded with that great band.

I have chosen about 30 songs in all from that era as the basis of our repertoire,
 several of whom have never even been performed live by either the Scorpions or myself.
We shall be rotating a selection of these songs on the tour, varying our sets on a nightly basis,
because we cannot possibly play all of them in one go.

We will, of course, also play some ELECTRIC SUN and SKY OF AVALON music,
but the main theme of the performance will be dedicated to the early SCORPIONS era.

Every show will be recorded for a live album, which will feature only songs

from my time with the SCORPIONS.
This will result in a double CD, which will be mixed in 5.1 surround.
The release will also contain a DVD and a documentary, including personal
behind-the-scenes Super-8 footage, which I shot to document our tours from 1973-1978.

As far as live albums go, I am intending to record 2 further ones in the following years:
One will be featuring my favourite ELECTRIC SUN material -
and the next one will consist of SKY OF AVALON/ TRANSCENDENTAL SKY GUITAR music.

In order to do full justice to my selection of SCORPIONS songs we are bringing a large band
with an exciting line-up. Due to the length of the tour, not all members were free to do the whole tour.
Therefore some of the positions will be filled by two musicians – each of them playing part of the tour.

The 40th Anniversary US-Tour line-up will be:

Uli Jon Roth, guitars, vocals
Henning Basse – lead vocals
Ali Clinton – guitars, vocals
Niklas Turmann – guitars, lead vocals
Ule W. Ritgen, Elliott Rubinson - bass
Jamie Little, Peter Holmes – drums
Paul Rahme, Corvin Bahn – keyboards, vocals

In addition to the concerts there are 14 introductory
SKY ACADEMY SEMINARS to be held during the course of the tour!
These are usually taking place at the venues of the shows,

on the same days and prior to the concerts. Pre-booking is essential, though.
The seminars are not only geared for musicians. Anyone who loves music can attend.
Sky Academy is about much more than just guitar playing,
but players are also very welcome to bring their guitars and practice amps.
The teaching should be useful to players of all levels.

March, April and May will be dedicated to studio work and some shows in England.

 I also have been invited to play at the Royal Albert Hall in London by Alfie Boe
as a guest for his concerts in April.
Aside from this, we are going to collaborate on a new release of “Bridge to Heaven”
intended for the Sunflower Jam Cancer Charity.

In June we will play six concerts in South America,
co-headlining with Michael Schenker.
The dates will be posted very soon.

We are planning further European and UK dates for the second half of 2013
and a tour of Japan
All of these will be announced on this website as well as on Facebook:
 and Twitter: (@UliJonRoth1)

I am also looking forward to my continued involvement in the Robert Johnson Award
in Hamburg, Germany, which is a great platform for genuine young guitar talents.
As a special appreciation of his talent, I have chosen one of last years' participants, 
the 14-year old Merlin Lauert,  to share the stage with us at our Wcken 2013 show. 

And last, but not least: I have written an entire album’s worth of new material,
which I am very excited about. As soon as time permits we will begin to record it.

Once again, many thanks to all of you and God bless!
Have a great 2013!

Uli Jon Roth

For further information and enrolment
in Sky Academy please click the link below:

Please visit our Concert & Tours page for all the dates and venues:


< January 1, 2013 >


Dear Friends, I’m wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!
May 2013 bring forth many positive developments and new exciting experiences
for all of us on this mutual journey that we call life!

2012 was a strange year for many of us, full of unexpected changes,
full of sorrow, but also full of new light and transformations –
many of them for the good, however.

Each year represents a new part of our journey and offers us
many opportunities to learn from past mistakes and to become better persons.

It is very much up to us which choices we make.
 I believe that we are largely responsible for the shape of our own destiny.
In that sense, together, we are holding the keys to the future.

When we look at the world as a whole, we are often reminded of our own
seemingly total insignificance in the grand scheme of things.
But at the same time it is also true that each and every one of us is playing
an important part in the destiny of that huge and living vessel called Mankind.
Together, we need to find better ways towards creating peace and harmony.

Not all is well in this world of 2013.
In recent times we were shook up by a number of truly horrific events,
such as Sandy Hook, Connecticut, and Utøya, Norway, to name but two
of the most notorious and most awful.
The families of the bereaved must have felt unspeakable heartaches...
Yet there were plenty of other atrocities, not all of them as high-profile
and not all of them as incomprehensible, but each of them offering

us a grim reminder and a painful wake-up call of a different kind.

Some of these negatively charged events don’t even involve

much physical violence, but they are operating like a constant
back-ground noise of doom.

Largely ignored by the media and by the general public,
they are slowly but steadily ticking away like ominous
dooms-day clocks full of impending calamities.

 And our ears are numb to the sound of their meaning.
Our hearts have turned cold to the cries of nature.
Our souls are in a deep sleep,
far removed from the essence of our being,
intoxicated by the cacophonous din of every-day life.
In the face of all this, many of us feel powerless,
disoriented, without values, without roots, without love…

These ‘darkly foreboding back-ground noises’,
these out-of-tune frequencies are always there
and we usually don’t read them for what they are.
We have opted to tune them out by means of a
hefty daily bombardment of television, trivia, social media,
work or finance-related pressures, by mountains of junk food,
booze and other intoxicants. We have become de-sensitized
to the suffering of others as well as to the suffering of the animals.  
We have become accustomed to the presence
of these spooky undercurrents, which we feel helpless about,
and it may even seem impossible to imagine a world without them.

These might also include the permanent and disastrous de-forestation of rain-forests
for the financial gain of minorities, or the disturbing depletion of
wild-life habitats all over the planet.
We are slowly but surely destroying and polluting the ineffable beauty of our planet Earth
and this is the ultimate stupidity and crime. Some of these long-term disasters in the making
take place on a truly epic scale, but remain strangely invisible, undetected by the
dull and ill-informed radar of the media and the general public.
Driven by greed, ignorance and human short-sightedness,
these are like malignant cancers growing slowly,
but steadily in the background, smouldering.
Undisturbed, unhindered, unchecked.

Global governments are prone to conveniently turning many a blind eye to these.
These issues are not vote-winning, not head-line-grabbing enough,
and their complexity seems truly overwhelming.
The money of the respective lobbies are too powerful.
The short-term cash-flow too sweet a source of un-earned income
into the coffers of the system to be resisted by petty questions of propriety.
They also reek too much of the dreaded political pitfalls of the right and wrong game.
Most politicians don’t want to touch them with a barge-pole, or – if they have to –
not without a potent safety-net of spin, empty promises and a flurry of misleading catch-phrases.  

Unfortunately, virtually all our systems are favouring the rise of a
particular modern breed of politicians.
It rewards those who are sly enough to always appear politically correct
in the eye of an undiscerning public over those who are engaged
in a genuine quest for change and long-term welfare.
Looking for words of wisdom? Don’t look for this frequency in politics.
In those circles one will usually find none or very little of this most precious,
super-rare commodity.
In that scene, everything is just geared to the practicalities of the moment;
the jockeying for position at the expense of truth or veracity;
the search for convenient scapegoats, instead of trying
to find the true root cause of a problem which arises…

 In the world of politics, that which appears right and just is
usually winning over that which has the real claim to that title,
but which may be much less glamorous, less spectacular or less popular;
all of which equals ‘less rewarding’to the mind-set of a successful politician.
All politicians know this and they all have to play that game,
otherwise they can never make it to the top, let alone stay there.
At least this is the prevailing modus operandi, although there may be the odd exception.

 But it is not only the politicians who are to blame for this sorry state of affairs in our world.
Their choices are just a reflection of all the other things that are wrong in todays’
societies and systems. We all are responsible for that.

When we are probing the potential lessons drawn from cataclysmic events,
such as the recent shootings,
or the implications of Fukushima, Chernobyl or the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill
and other man-made disasters, we really need to take heed and think about root causes.
Certainly, very few answers can be black or white.
The truth is multi-coloured, but the underlying thing is actually often much more simple.
There is a root note in everything, but our eyes are not able to discern this easily.

Most situations in the “real” world will call for a compromise of sorts,
but that is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as that compromise reflects the truth of a situation.
It is for us to search for that truth and hold on to it. It is always there,
which is a comforting thought, but it can be very hard to see.

We, as members of the human race, have to look for the root causes of negative events -
as well as that of positive ones - and start to examine the well-being of the very
foundations of our civilization. We have to direct a probing, deep gaze into our

own eyes and hearts and start looking for answers.
Otherwise nothing will change for the better,
because we are all jointly responsible
for the course of our destiny.
We are all in the same boat.
We are all brothers and sisters. Amen.

But not all of us are lucky enough to be fed, to be warm,
to be healthy or mentally sane.

One can judge the quality of a society by how it treats it weakest members.
The poor, the sick, the dependent, the defenceless, the abandoned ones.
The abundance of homeless people on the icy winter streets of the glitzy,
prosperous cities of the Western world? We should be ashamed of ourselves!
This is totally and utterly wrong.
 And yet, many people are just shrugging their shoulders:
“tough luck” some say.
“As long as it doesn’t affect me or my circle…”

We can also judge the level of spiritual attainment of our civilization
by the way we treat animals, which are so very closely connected to us.
If we continue to exploit the animals for selfish reasons and in cruel ways,
we will be stuck in these traps forever, because these patterns act as an
indicator of the true state of things. As long as we continue treating the life
of other beings, who are less fortunate than ourselves,
in the same selfish and callous way, we will never escape the bondage
of that which is sometimes poetically called ‘the dark side’.

Only love, self-sacrifice and the spirit of forgiveness can do that.

We need to utilize our intelligence to the max, but our reasoning must always
be firmly rooted in the knowledge of that which is ultimately right or wrong.
And for this, we need to re-learn how to discern right from wrong,
maybe even with an uncluttered child’s eye.
A pair of eyes which still knows how to spot whether the emperor has no clothes.
In today’s dysfunctional societies that seems to be a long-forgotten skill,
when, in reality we should all possess it to a good degree.

 As far as we know, 25 000 people on this planet are dying each day from starvation!
Just imagine how many these are and the level of their suffering…
That is an unbelievably shocking figure and a realization, which one should never forget.
It is a thought which should make any of us embarrassed to be a member
of the human race in the first place.
Almost one billion people out of seven on this planet are always starving,
while we in the Western world are chucking our food into the bins
and are constantly stuffing ourselves beyond the levels of sanity!
On top of that we’re expert at complaining about our terrible lot in the process,
while we are steeped in comfort to levels never before experienced on this scale
by any civilization on this planet.

At the same time, we are spending fortunes of our
hard-earned taxes on a staggering amount
of horrendous weapons, which have the potential
to destroy the world several times over.
How stupid is that? Can anyone tell me, please?
 Where is the child who spots the emperor’s missing clothes?
A minute fraction of all these formidable resources would be enough
to feed each person on Earth comfortably.

Realizations of that kind are not new, of course.
We have heard it all before – many times -
and that’s why we have gradually turned numb to it.
But we must not allow ourselves to be numb!
It is a trap we have fallen into.
A comfortable, woollen blanket of complacency
is covering the cozy beds of our ignorance.
While we are slumbering blissfully
on downy pillows made of tinsel stardust,
a mighty thief is entering the premises and his name is Apathy.

We need to wake up,
and do so in the nick of time;
otherwise our comfortably numb and hazy dream will turn into
a veritable nightmare in front of our eyes – and we will be fully IN it!...

Too often we are left speechless by the warped sense of reality
which has invaded part of the stream of human consciousness.
Evil thoughts and evil deeds have, of course, always been around;
there is nothing new in that.
It seems to have been interwoven into the fabric of the human condition
from the dawn of time.
More often than not, when we get confronted with this powerful force,
 It is up to us how to handle it. But not always.
Sometimes we are simply at the receiving end and it can be terrifying.

 There are lone rangers, who are led to perpetrate atrocities by some inner demons,
who claim to give them authority over life and death
for some cooked-up reason under the pre-text of a higher calling,
or even a mission from God.
Some of them are even genuinely made believe
that they are doing God a favour.
But the true God is of Love and the Light and would never condone
or incite killing fellow humans – or any other living thing for that matter.
Nor has He done so in the past. Instead, impostors, pretending to be
gods to civilizations of the past have done so for various reasons,
and there are scriptures who have recorded these things.
We shouldn’t believe all that is written down.
Much of it is distorted, much of it man-made.

That which is allowed for a tiger, a wolf or a shark is not allowed
for us as human beings – unless we choose to become animals.
But animals don’t have a choice.
We do! Animals don’t know right from wrong –
they belong to a different, a lower octave of psychic evolution than we do.
Different aspects of the law apply.
It is all to do with the parable of the narrow gate.

A person who kills, is regressing to the state of the animal kingdom,
or worse because the deed has different implications for humans.
He gets cut off from the source, demoted to a lower frequency,
because knowledge means responsibility.

But there also have always been a few misfits who congregate into groups
who tried to exploit the sleeping and naïve majority for their own selfish machinations.
And very rarely these are seen for who, where and what they are.
In fact, part of their greatest strength is vested in their anonymity
and in hidden layers of deception.

Those unseen forces behind the scenes are always manipulating
the game and loading the dice. And they do so knowingly,
although some of them even believe that they are
doing mankind a sick kind of favour. Can’t feed the population?
How about a long-term de-population agenda? Too many people?
Let’s just get rid of a few – particularly those who are useless to us anyways…

Notions like these have floating around for some time and while they may appear practical,
inevitable, even logical to some – they are downright evil and rotten to the core.
This cannot be the way ahead.
Once we start thinking like that we will turn into evil killing machines.
And all in the name of the common good… We would lose our souls in the process.
Life is always sanctified and we never have a right to kill.
Not even if it is written in a book of any denomination. It is always the wrong choice.

I’m not into conspiracy theories and at pointing the finger randomly into the dark,
although I’m sure there are quite a few predatory sharks in that pond.

However, we should draw encouragement from the realization
that those who are trying to be in charge behind the scenes
don’t always get their way.
In fact, quite frequently they are failing miserably in their efforts.
This is because they are not in tune with the laws that govern the Universe.
They are operating from the fringes, trying to invade the centre,
and this can be effective, but for a limited time only.
Wisdom eludes them, as does Love and therefore their authority
is very limited to the lower octaves.
They are certainly not as all-powerful and all-seeing as they would
wish themselves to be.
On the contrary, their vision is extremely limited,
because it is not rooted in truth.
They are only effective, because we, in our ignorance,
are letting them get away with it.

The biggest problem is that we have a preferred tendency to push the
blame away from ourselves and we don’t do enough to move towards the light.
That is the reason why this world is largely ruled by darkness.
Darkness masquerading as light…
It is a kind of darkness that is unseen - the darkness inside of us
even more so than that which is outside. This is our biggest enemy.
 It is staring us in the face – and we can’t see it, or we don’t want to see it,
because we are afraid of the inevitably painful consequences.
 Once we start to genuinely move towards the light of our own accord,
overcoming our lethargy and the force of entropy in the process –
then and only then we will start to see real change.

The simple truth is that we cannot survive without culture,
without spirituality and without values that are in keeping
with the true and eternal laws of the universe.
 And yet, many of the things we do on this planet are in blatant
opposition to the wisdom of these highest laws.

It is not that we don’t know those eternal, never changing laws…
On the contrary: they are manifested in each
and every single atom in the Universe
and they are inscribed deep into the centre of our hearts,
our souls – our conscience.
Each and every one of us has potential access
to the wisdom of these laws.

The problem is that we have misplaced the keys.
We have forgotten the passwords, lost the connection, lost the plot…
And they are not exactly easy to find.
In fact, they are very hard to find, because in order to
remember them we have to undergo a deep-rooted
transformation in ourselves. And that is never an easy task.

We need to raise our own frequencies to the level

of the inner light which shines in all things.
Only then we will be able to find the keys.
Otherwise we won’t see them nor understand their meaning
even if they were right under our eyes.

The keys to the wisdom of these laws are hidden from our super-busy,
superficial, narrow everyday gaze, buried under layers upon layers of heartache,
of making too many wrong choices, of playing too many wrong games
in the wrong theatres of life.
The poison of  envy, hatred, hubris and deceit. Access denied!

And it is not only us – this generation – no, it is worse:
the keys have been lost aeons ago –
way before any of us were born. It was a joint production.
We are all to blame.
But we are all part and parcel of the big experiment
we call humanity. For better or for worse.
We are all part of the huge multi-dimensional stream
of human consciousness which is all around us, as well as in us.
Therefore we all have the same obstacles to overcome.
And we all have a role to play - each and every one of us!
We are benefitting from that which previous generations created,
but we are also suffering the consequences of their misguided actions.

We, all of us - the human race - are very much out of tune with
that which should be – that which could be…
The laws of the Universe are also the laws of music,
the laws of harmony, gravity, space and time.
We can find many answers about what is right and what is wrong
in the laws of music.
In fact, it is perfectly clear, once we understand how to listen
and see with the ears and eyes of the heart.
We need to strive to get in tune again, get in tune with the
true laws of the Universe, which are the same everywhere.

Most of the overwhelming problems in this world find their origin
in a general lack of awareness, lack of knowledge and,
of course, also a fair amount of lethargy or downright defeatism.

What we need is to change our attitudes from being passive -
which is comfortable and seemingly safe –
to being active! More aiming at giving – less at aiming at receiving...
Giving of ourselves for that which we believe in. Bearing positive fruit.
Each according to his or her own abilities.

Let us not just sit around, moping and feeling sorry for ourselves:
instead, let’s try and make a POSITIVE and constructive contribution
towards this community, this world of ours!
We need to move towards one another, communicate
and help foster that which deserves fostering.

We need to nurture the delicate and precious plants in that Garden of Peace,
which we should be in charge of, but which we have sadly,
wrongly chosen to neglect. Those plants are in urgent need of water
and we have to cross the scorching, barren desert sands of our own wastelands
barefoot in order to get to them before they wither away and perish.

But, unjust as it may seem in the face of adversity,
we need to always do things in a peaceful way.
That can be the hardest thing, because it involves self-sacrifice.
Arguments and strife hardly ever lead to anything constructive.
Fire cannot be fought with fire. It just increases the conflagration.

We can only do all of this, if we begin with ourselves.
The only real answers to the world's problems are still to be found in the same place
where they have always been - in our own hearts and souls -
in the quality and strength of our attitude,
in our faith in that which is good and that which is eternal.
The best way to be is to banish darkness from our hearts,
to move towards the light and to embrace that which is good.

Let’s embrace the New Year 2013 in the spirit of positive thought,
the essence of Love and the essence of Light
and try to make this world a better place!

On a personal level, I want to thank all my friends, family and fans for being
such an important part of my life and for all your help and support!
May our friendship and love for another continue forever!
God bless all of us!

Your friend and fellow traveller

Uli Jon Roth

< July 23, 2012 >

Uli Jon Roth will take part in this year’s Sunflower Jam charity concert
taking place at the
Royal Albert Hall
, London, on September 16.

The annual
Sunflower Jam was created by Jacky Paice
in order to raise
money for a great charitable cause. The purpose of this charity is to help provide
holistic, integrated care for children, young people, adults and their families,
with a range of acute and chronic emotional, mental and physical conditions.
It is also designed to promote awareness of integrated, holistic medicine.

This years’ performing guest artists at the super-jam will include
Brian May, Bruce Dickinson, John Paul Jones, Ian Paice,
Mark King, Alfie Boe and Kerry Ellis.

Uli Jon Roth
will also be part of the “house band”,
which will provide the backing for the respective solo artists.
MD is
Paul “Wix” Wickins
, on keyboards.

 This should be a night to remember.
Please, turn up and support the Sunflower Jam Charity!


< December 31, 2011 >


Uli Jon Roth is wishing you an inspirational and fulfilling year.
May your dreams come true in 2012!

On Jan. 14, 2012 Uli will hold a masterclass & “clinic”
in Plymouth,
England at World Class Music

Uli will embark on a North American tour early in 2012.

We hope to see you there! Please don't miss this chance to see

Uli and his Band of Sky in concert.
The programme will feature music from most of his albums
and includes pieces fom early SCORPIONS
As always, Uli will also perform

some music by JIMI HENDRIX.

We are proud to announce that we have

 a very special  guest of honor
for some of the East-Coast shows:
 none other than Mr. LESLIE WEST!
Leslie will perform some songs on his own
as well as with Uli & his Band of Sky.
Uli and his band are particularly looking forward to this,

especially since these will be the first on-stage appearances

by Leslie following his operation, which ultimately resulted in
the unfortunate cancellation of the 3 Guitar Heroes Tour last fall.

Please visit our Concert & Tours page for all the dates and venues:

Uli will also do signings at the Winter NAMM show in Los Angeles

for DEAN GUITARS, who have the limited signature model edition
of the Uli Jon Roth - SKY GUITARS on display.
Uli will also do a signing at the BLACK STAR AMPS booth.

Uli Jon Roth will also take part in the "NAMM JAM" at
Hollywood's Key Club and at Ramona, Main Stage, together

Uli will be backed by Tony's band. Prior to that he will
take part in a Jam Band scenario at Corona.

Additionally to the concerts there are no less than 10 introductory
SKY ACADEMY SEMINARS to be held during the course of the tour!

The first one is to take place in Anaheim on Jan 23rd, 2012

and is an all day inclusive event.

The other 10 seminars are taking place at the venues of the shows,

on the same days and prior to the concerts.

These seminars are interesting to players and non-players alike,
because Uli is talking about the deeper mysteries of music and
how this relates to our musicianship as well as our lives.
He gives very personal insights into his approach to playing
and will perform some pieces which are not featured in
the evening’s programmes.

All players are invited to bring an instrument –

Sky Academy is not for guitar-players only!

Some of the participants may perform in front of Uli
to be part of the master class, but we cannot guarantee
that everybody will get a chance to play. This will depend
on the circumstances of the event.
The style of the seminars is very spontaneous
and completely unscripted, but always inspirational.
It is literally different each time, and therefore
it is ultimately up to Uli’s discretion to decide
how many people and who gets to play.

For further information and enrolment
 in Sky Academy please click the link below:


< September 26, 2011>

Dear Friends of the Three Guitar Heroes Tour!

It is with great regret that we have to announce a postponement
of our joint US tour which was scheduled for October. Unfortunately Leslie West's
recuperation progress after his surgery has been slightly slower than we all  had hoped for.
According to his doctors he is not yet quite ready to take on a majour tour like this
at the preset time. It is estimated he should be ready to go on the road  in the new year.

The plan now is to postpone this tour until the beginning of next year, 2012. 
Leslie should be fine by then!
The Schenker/ Roth concert in Mexico will be unaffected by this
and is scheduled to go ahead as planned.
We are very sorry about this turn of events - it is nobody's fault, 
but just one of theose things that happen in life.

We are looking forward  very much to playing the US tour in the
beginning of 2012! 
 We are also intending to go to Europe,
Japan and South-America in the Spring.
Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Best wishes and  heartfelt thanks to all of you
who are supporting this venture!
We hope to see you soon!
Yours truly

Uli Jon Roth

< September 10, 2011>

Uli Jon Roth
has teamed up with fellow artists Michael Schenker & Leslie West
to play a major North American tour this autumn.
The tour will comprise of about 30 US shows and starts in Chihuahua, Mexico
on October 2nd. The project is also expected to come to Europe, Asia
and South America in the Spring of 2012.
A double-live CD to document this special tour is also being envisaged.

For further information and tour dates please click the following link:


You will also find an interesting brand new and extensive interview
about the project by Uli himself:


< August 25, 2011 >

Uli Jon Roth & his Band of Sky have just performed a phenomenal
90 minute set in front of more than 150 000 people at the annual
“Belgrade Beer Fest”. Uli was headlining the Saturday night.
Band members – from left to right – Niklas Turmann,
Corvin Bahn, Hedi (announcer),  Ule W. Ritgen,
Piero Leporale, Michael Ehré, Uli.

< September 12, 2010 >

European TV-channel ARTE will broadcast a portrait of JIMI HENDRIX
on September 16 (21:50 hs), which was directed by Christian Wagner (Rock Palast).

The programme includes excerpts from an in-depth

interview with Uli Jon Roth.

< September 1, 2010 >


NEW ZEALAND which was hosted by the
G-TARanaki Festival 2010
was a resounding success with the students. Uli was teaching

several hundred young students from eight  different high schools 
of the Taranaki region on three separate days.

Notable guest speakers were Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore,
Tony Levin and the California Guitar Trio.
Uli had impromptu, unscripted jam sessions with all of the guests.

                                  Michael Ehré, Uli Jon Roth, Tony MacAlpine and Elliott Dean
                                    with some of the Sky Academy New Zealand students on the
                                          third day of teaching at the TSB Showplace Theater.


< July 31st 2010 >

SKY ACADEMY is coming back to
NEW ZEALAND in August 2010!

Following the very memorable 2008 Sky Academy at the
has been invited to hold another Sky Academy in New Zealand this year.
The teaching will take place in an auditorium on three separate
days. Guest speakers at these events will include
No Sky Academy would be complete without a concert:
UJR will play the TSB Stadium in New Plymouth
on August 13, where he is joined by Niklas Turman,
Michael Ehré and Elliott (Mr. Dean) Rubinson.
Uli will jam with all of the Sky Academy guest speakers
as well as with Jennifer Batten, Desiree Bassett and many others.


< Dec. 31st 2009 >


The long-awaited first official

Uli Jon Roth signature


will finally be unveiled at the Winter NAMM show
 in Anaheim, California on January 14th, 2010.

There will be two different models on display,

a six-string and a seven-string version.
This limited edition will be super-custom built 100% to

Uli’s specifications by the custom shop of Dean Guitars USA.
Each guitar will be personally named and approved by Uli Jon Roth.


Sky Guitars were the first electric guitars with a truly

 extended upper range and lots of extra frets.

Uli originally designed the Sky Guitar in 1982

and the development phase went through 5 proto-types,

 the culmination of which was  “Mighty Wing” –

 his legendary seven-string guitar, which features

an un-precedented six octave range.

From the beginning, Sky Guitars embodied the very spirit

 of cutting-edge innovation. These new models will honor

 this tradition and will incorporate several new features.

Over the past few years Uli has been approached by numerous

guitar manufacturers who offered to build Sky Guitars

and guitarists from all over the world are constantly

asking where they might buy them.  

Going back as far as the Eighties, there have been companies
who sold Sky Guitars, either without Uli’s knowledge
or without his consent. Many private individuals have also

had copies built for themselves, because of the unique and

appealing design and the features.
 But these were all just copied from photographs and no one had
 access to the precise dimensions of the originals; hence most of those

copies resulted in poor imitations, which didn’t stand a chance

 to live up to the extremely high standard of the handful of originals,

 which had been hand crafted by the brilliant British master

 luthier Andreas Demetriou back in the Eighties.

The new Dean Custom line will be the first
genuine, fully authentic Sky Guitars for twenty years.


To celebrate the release

 Uli will play the new Sky Guitars for the first time in public

 at a special performance at the Anaheim Grove Theater
during the NAMM show on January 15th.

To download the PDF file:
“Introducing the Dean Sky Guitar”
Please click on the link below:


Please direct all initial inquiries to:





<  July 21, 2009 >

SKY ACADEMY is finally coming to GERMANY !
The first full-scale Sky Academy seminar is to be held
at the Rock & Pop Museum in Gronau on September 4-6.
The seminar will also include a Sky Academy Concert
billed as "ULI JON ROTH & FRIENDS" on September 5th.
The three day event is sponsored and presented by one of
Germany's premiere guitarist magazines "GUITAR".

For further info and enrollment please click on this link:




<  3. June 2009 >

Uli Jon Roth is hosting a LEGENDS OF ROCK Concert 
on June 7th at Stazione Birra in Rome, Italy, to raise funds
for the victims of the recent earthquake in the region
of the city of L'Aquila, which was largely destroyed.

Uli will share the stage with a variety of artists including



<  23. May 2009 >

The official 2009 SKY ACADEMY CONCERT 
will take place at the Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, Orange County
June 18th
and is billed as:


<  12. APRIL 2009 >

The fourth full length Los Angeles - SKY ACADEMY SEMINAR
has been announced to be held at the Santa Ana - Galaxy Theatre
between June 17-21st in Orange County, California.
The official Sky Academy concert will take place on June 18th.
Two further one-day introductory seminars with a concert has been
scheduled for June 16th in Tempe, Arizona and
June 25th in San Diego, CA - at the Brick by Brick.
A third concert is scheduled for Redondo Beach on June 20th.


<  31. DECEMBER 2008 >

would like to wish you all a great and inspirational

A big 'Thank You' also to all those who came to our
"Under A Dark Sky" concerts and gave us such a warm reception 
in so many different cities and countries. We also want to thank those
who attended the various Sky Academy Seminars, and we hope to see
you again in 2009 !

At Nakano Sun Plaza Hall - Tokyo - Nov.12. 2008

<  16. AUGUST 2008 >

ULI's new studio album UNDER A DARK SKY
will be released in Japan on August 20th (Marquee records).
The European and USA releases will follow a month later on SPV.

To promote the release of the album
ULI JON ROTH & SKY OF AVALON will play a tour of Japan
in November, which includes two nights at SUN PLAZA HALL,
the very venue, which SCORPIONS played 30 years ago, resulting
in the recording of their TOKYO TAPES album.

To celebrate this anniversary, Uli will play several Scorpions
songs from that period during his set. Each of the two concerts
will feature a distinctly different program, consisting of
music from all periods of Uli's musical journey.


<  21. JULY 2008 >

ULI JON ROTH will appear as special guest with
Uli will also appear at a signing session earlier on that day.

<  29. MAY 2008 >

G-TARanaki -
is hosting SKY ACADEMY SEMINARS at three
separate locations, leading up to their festival concerts.
The academy is going to be being held from July 15-17 at
Waitara High School, Inglewood High School
and Opunake High School.
This is followed by an out-door concert at TSB Stadium,
featuring Uli's new 7-piece band SKY OF AVALON
for the first time.


<  11. MARCH 2008 >

German/French TV channel ARTE has recorded
a program featuring Billy Corgan & Uli Jon Roth
for its long-standing, critically acclaimed TV series
"Durch Die Nacht" - Au Coeur de la Nuit

 Two camera teams followed Billy and Uli for an entire evening
through various locations in the city of Hamburg, recording
a series of free-ranging conversations, as well as jam sessions.
The 55 minute long program will be broadcast on May 1st
can be received all over Europe via satellite.

<  21. DECEMBER 2007 >

Uli Jon Roth is currently working on a new full-length
studio album
, which is to be released before the summer.
 The title of the album will be "Under A Dark Sky".

This is going to be the first official release in the long-awaited series
of Symphonic Legends, which is a cycle of music written by Uli
for his all-encompassing Sky of Avalon project.

The new album is featuring a cast of rock singers as well as Uli's band,
a classical choir and Sky Orchestra.
The main lead singers are Mark Boals and Liz Vandall
Further vocalists and guests are still to be announced.

Uli Jon Roth will take his band on a world tour next year, starting in July.
This is going to include Japan, Asia, North-and South America, Europe, New Zealand and India.
Additionally, several Sky Academy Seminars are going to be held  in various countries.
These are going to be announced on the Sky Academy Website.

< 27. NOVEMBER 2007 >

A DVD featuring the re-union concert of Scorpions & Uli Jon Roth
Live at Wacken Open-Air  in 2006 will be released before X-mas.
The title of the release is "A Night To Remember - A Journey Through Time".

< 24. OCTOBER 2007 >

An original oil-painting featuring Uli Jon Roth is currently
being exhibited at Gallery K in Tokyo. The artist is
who is well known among Uli fans for being a founder member of
ELECTRIC SUN. He later went on to be a member of ZENO,
followed by FAIR WARNING.

Ule also recently participated at SKY ACADEMY 2007 in Los Angeles.
His painting is shown in conjunction with a collection of limited edition
prints featuring his works. Date of the exhibition: 25th Oct - 6th Nov 2007.


< 2. SEPTEMBER 2007 >

an in-depth review of the 2007 SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS
in Los Angeles featuring ULI JON ROTH & FRIENDS.
The article was written by the editor, Jeb Wright.



< 20. AUGUST 2007 >

It has just been confirmed that PAUL GILBERT
will perform several songs together with ULI at the
upcoming SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS in Los Angeles.
PAUL chose three JIMI HENDRIX songs for the occasion,
including the lesser known "Highway Chile".


proudly present
24th & 25th

The  special guests confirmed so far are:
(in no particular order)


A N D R E W   S H U L M A N 

G E O R G E   B E L L A S
P A U L  G I L B E R T  


 < 12. AUGUST 2007 >

- legendary guitarist and song writer for the DOORS
will appear on one of this year's SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS as guest
of honour
to play with ULI JON ROTH & FRIENDS.

Last year's inspiring jam session with ROBBY and ULI at the UCLA
featured extensive renditions of no less than three
DOORS classics
(L.A. Woman, Roadhouse Blues, Riders On The Storm).

 < 16. JULY 2007 >

One of the world's leading Cello players and classical conductors,
will participate in the SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS this year.
Uli Jon Roth & Friends will also perform one of Andrew's compositions,
which is going to feature Andrew on electric cello and Uli on guitar.
SKY ACADEMY is also thrilled to announce that Andrew is going to share
the stage with Uli during one of the master-classes in order to talk about
his musical insights together, as well as demonstrate certain things on the cello.
Uli said "we are extremely lucky to have Andrew there!
Our students will gain a new perspective about guitar playing
and music making through this encounter with such a true master of the cello.
I know that Andrew feels music on a very deep level, and I'm really
looking forward to having him as our guest at the academy.

Here is a quote by Andrew Shulman about Uli's teaching:
"Uli Jon Roth is unique. The sort of artist that emerges perhaps once in a generation,
he is a genuine 'all round' virtuoso musician. Equally at home in the worlds of Rock
and Classical, his insights into musical performance, preparation, understanding
and inspiration provide his students with an invaluable fund of knowledge.
I myself was fascinated and riveted by his classes and lectures when my son
attended the first Sky Academy last year. Able, by turns, to inspire and intellectualize,
comfortable talking about Mahler, Beethoven, Hendrix, The Blues, improvisation,
and able to find common links between them all, help to provide us with
a once in a lifetime, intensive musical experience.


 < 7. JULY 2007 >

SKY ACADEMY 2007  will take place on August 22nd- 26th  in Los Angeles.
The seminar and master classes will be conducted by ULI  JON  ROTH

and will also feature joint appearances with notable guest teachers.

The Academy is taking place in the auditorium of the

Musician’s Institute and will culminate in two


Continuing the same exiting format, which gave us last year’s very successful
SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS, both shows will feature an inspiring choice
of special guest artists, who are going to share the stage together with Uli as

Each of the two Sky Academy concerts is going to feature a different set list.

Each show will be at least three hours long and is going to include an intermission.

Last year’s series of concerts was enthusiastically received by both - audiences
and performers alike – and each of them was  a truly unique concert.

Please, don't miss this chance to be there!
Further guest announcements are imminent.

For information about the seminar  - please click here

 < 24. MAY 2007 >

GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE is paying homage to
ULI  by devoting  an in-depth, seven page article to some of his
playing techniques and innovations
in their June issue.

< 9. MAY 2007 >

ULI  JON ROTH will appear as special guest of
T H E  S M A S H I N G  P U M P K I N S at two major festivals
in Germany on
June 2nd - ROCK AM RING FESTIVAL, Nürburgring
Uli is going to join the band during the encores and will guest

on a couple of songs.


Uli and BILLY CORGAN earlier this year in Los Angeles.
Billy is holding Uli's favourite Sky Guitar "Mighty Wing".
(pic by John Kornarens)

< 30. APRIL 2007 >


ULI  JON ROTH is going to appear as special guest of his former band
S C O R P I O N S during their up-coming tours of France and England,

The band will also head-line the SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL in June and

a festival  in Athens, Greece, later that month with U.J.R. on stage.
 Uli is going to play during a sizeable part of the set, performing
mainly pieces from the
early Scorpions days.

please click here for the dates


< 28. MARCH 2007 >


ULI  is taking part in a series of impromptu jam sessions at the
2007 Frankfurt Music Fair. The jams will take place each afternoon
at the TRONICAL POWERTUNE stand (Hall 4 - H 38).
A series of artists have been invited to take part in the improvisations,

and MICHAEL EHRE, among others.

< 13. FEBRUARY 2007 >


ULI  has been invited to talk about the album covers
of his career from the early Seventies until now, at the
MUSEUM HÜLSMANN in Bielefeld, Germany, on
February 23rd, 2007. The discussion will provide in-depth,
behind-the-scenes glimpses into the genre and is open to the public.
The language of the talk is going to be German, and the presenter of the
event is Heiko Hasenbein.
There is only a limited amount of  tickets available.
Please order either by phone:  0521-513766

or E-mail:


further info :



< 29. DECEMBER 2006 >


ULI  JON  ROTH will present a revolutionary new invention at the
2007 NAMM  Music trade fair in Anaheim, California in January. 
He has recently come across a new self-tuning guitar technology,
which was developed in Hamburg, Germany by CHRISTOPHER ADAMS. 
Uli was so intrigued and fascinated by this landmark invention that he
had it installed on his favourite white Fender Stratocaster guitar last week.
The auto-tune technology is currently only geared for 6-string
Strat- or Gibson-type guitars, but Chris Adams has promised to extend
the system for his 7-string SKY GUITARS in the near future.

When asked to endorse the new invention, Uli immediately agreed
and had the following to say: “This is something I totally believe in.
I can’t remember getting as exited about new technology as I am about this one.
Uli calls the TRONICAL POWERTUNE system the fulfillment of a long-held dream.
"This was one of the last frontiers to cross in the development of stringed instruments;
until recently, before I met Chris Adams, I thought I might never see the day…
a solution seemed so far off because of all the technical difficulties,
but Chris has absolutely thought of all the angles and has designed
something here that is just perfect !"

"Because I don’t use a locking system on my guitars for reasons of sound,
I sometimes have annoying tuning issues on stage, particularly,
since I often like to play a whole set on one guitar only.
All this is going to be behind me from now on - and what’s even better:
now I can tune down the guitar to E-flat or even D and C# within a split second.
This opens up a whole new world of musical possibilities. For example,
when we’re performing some of those old Scorpions tunes on stage –
as we have done recently – I can fret the songs the way they were originally written,
instead of  having to transpose them, say, from A to G#, in order to hear the same result. 
Due to the lack of open strings  in some keys that is sometimes musically awkward.
In those days we used to tune down a semi-tone, and I like to play
the songs in their original pitch. Up to now, detuning on stage
was a complete impossibility, because it takes a long time for the strings
to settle when using conventional manual tuning. Powertune achieves
this result flawlessly within seconds!  In my mind this is clearly
the most significant technical development on the guitar since the invention
of the pick-up. It’s THAT groundbreaking - and the best thing is that it
absolutely works, and that it’s beautifully thought through
in its economy of means.”

< 27. NOVEMBER 2006 >

Swedish band THERION have invited ULI JON ROTH 
to attend their charity orchestra concert in Bucharest, Romania in December

as special guest of honour.
On the previous day, December 8,  Uli will hold a speech and press conference
at the Student's House Conference Room at 17.00 hours. He will be joined
on stage by CRISTOFER JOHNSSON of THERION  in a question and
answers session.


is sponsored by the AQUARIUS FOUNDATION of ROMANIA.

Uli has been asked to talk about the "fusion" of rock and classical music
in his speech as well as the link between music and medicine.
Further information can be found here:


  < 7. OCTOBER 2006 >

Uli's long-time record company

Uli's long-time record company, SPV is going to release a

to coincide with the up-coming European tour.

The double CD contains no less than 32 songs drawn from all of the
official U.J.R. releases since his departure from Scorpions to the present day.

The album will give those listeners who are not yet familiar with Uli's music
a chance to get acquainted with it. The booklet contains mainly hitherto
unpublished photographs and  comes with pretty extensive liner notes. 

The choice of songs was made by Uli himself, who also newly re-mastered
some of the material especially for this compilation.

Furthermore the CD contains two video bonus tracks and will be released in
Germany on November 3rd followed by a European release on November 6th. 

< 23. AUGUST 2006 >

New concert dates have just been added to the up-coming
ULI JON ROTH - BAND Of SKY tour in autumn 2006.
These now include Scandinavia, i.e. Sweden and Denmark.

These are going to be Uli's first full-length concert appearances
in Sweden since the days of Electric Sun.
Further dates may still be added.

Please find the current tour dates by clicking on the link below:


 < 5. JUNE 2006 >

This is to all the participants of the 2006 Sky Academy in Los Angeles.

First of all I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to all my students

 who showed so much dedication and who all contributed to the whole

not only through just being there, but also by fully applying

themselves in mind and spirit. I really, really enjoyed this week

tremendously and am already looking forward to the next seminar.

Many thanks also to all those who were instrumental in getting this thing

off the ground against the odds, foremost to my friend Jeff Agins,
our production manager,
 who made it all happen, but also our crew, band and friends,

 Olaf Senkbeil, Francis Buchholz, Michael Ehre, Ferdy Dörnberg, John Boswell,
John Kornarens,
Anthony Kornarens, Stephen Claps, Tonio Neuhaus, Ivan Lang,
Mathias Dittner, Ralf Winter,
Justin and Al Myers, Bobby Gervais,
Johannes Neumann, George Hernandez, Phil Woodward and Alan Cyr.

Many thanks also to the kind staff of the University Campus Los Angeles, (U.C.L.A),

particularly to Jeff Wachtel, who were extremely helpful, professional and supportive

 during our 5-day stay in the hall on UCLA campus, the Ralph Freud Theater.

The “icing on the cake” for me was getting to jam with all the great guest musicians

on stage during the three concerts. I want to thank all of them for donating

their precious time in participating and making this a week of inspiration for us.

Many special thanks, of course, also to all of you who went to see and hear
the concerts
and for your patience in sitting through four hour plus shows –
we couldn’t have done it without you !


We intend to hold another seminar next year in the same location
some time in April / May 2007, which will be announced

Uli Jon Roth - June 5th, 2006

The very special guests for the three
were (in no particular order):


< 7. MAY 2006 >


NORTH AMERICAN TOUR -  2006 is about to begin.
Don't miss this chance to see Uli and his band in concert !!!

Each show is going to be at least 2 hours long, sometimes even longer.
Each show is going to be different and unique since Uli plays songs from
a large repertoire spanning his entire career. The set lists will differ from night
to night and there will be plenty of musical surprises.
At the end of most shows there is going to be an informal "Meet & Greet".
The shows on the East Coast will include
"THE LIZARDS" as special guests.

The tour culminates in a series of three SKY ACADEMY CONCERTS, at the
Each of these shows will feature an exiting and inspiring choice of very special guest artists,
who will share the stage together with Uli as ULI JON ROTH & FRIENDS.
Each of the three Sky Academy concerts is going to feature a different set list, furthermore
each show will be at least three hours long and is going to include an intermission.
Please, don't miss this chance to be there!
U L I   J O N   R O T H  &  S K Y - B A N D
S P R I N G  -  2 0 0 6

12.05. 2006
13.05. 2006
14.05. 2006
15.05. 2006
16.05. 2006
19.05. 2006
20.05. 2006
21.05. 2006


 CLEVELAND - Beachland Ballroom
 M I L W A U K E E - S h a n k  Hall
 C H I C A G O  - House of  B l u e s
 NEW YORK CITY - B.B. K i n g 's
 C O N C O R D - Bourbon Street
 SACRAMENTO - The Kennel Club
 S A N   D I E G O - Brick By Brick

For further Info and Tickets please click here

U L I   J O N   R O T H  &  F R I E N D S
S K Y  A C A D E M Y   C O N C E R T S 

24.05. 2006
26.05. 2006
27.05. 2006


 LOS  ANGELES  - Ralph Freud Theater
 LOS  ANGELES  - Ralph Freud Theater
 LOS  ANGELES  - Ralph Freud Theater

For further Info and Tickets please click here


< 17. APRIL 2006 >

The album "GILLAN'S INN", which is featuring
IAN GILLAN & FRIENDS has now been officially released.
ULI JON ROTH has contributed guitar leads for two of the songs.
< 6. APRIL 2006 >

The official cut-off date for student applications to the
L.A. Sky Academy Seminar is May 5th, 2006.
After that date we will be unable to consider any
further applicants. The gates are closing fast;
we have almost reached full capacity,
and we advise
all potential students to make their reservations
sooner rather than later,  if they want to be part of
this unique event. If you leave it too late,
you simply may not be able to get in.
There is also no possibility for walk-ups to the
Sky Academy Seminar including the Master Classes.

Tickets for the concerts, however, will be available at the venue
unless they are sold out. Please note that there is a reserved
  seating policy in place at the Ralph Freud Theater.
The sooner you get advance tickets the better
your seats.

< 14. MARCH 2006 >

 Tickets for the LOS ANGELES
 U L I   J O N   R O T H   &   F R I E N D S

on May 24th, 26th, 27th - 2006
 at the Los Angeles University UCLA
Ralph Freud Theater
are now officially on sale at
PLEASE NOTE that there are going to be 


The Sky Academy Seminar will be attended by several
Guests of Honor, who will also participate in the concerts.
Among the very special guests confirmed so far are:


The list is growing steadily, and there are many
artists who would like to attend, but have not yet
been able to fully confirm due to their schedules.
Note: not all of the above artists may necessarily
perform on stage with Uli on the same day.

< 18. JANUARY 2006 >

The first ever




is going to take place in Los Angeles, California
May 24-28, 2006.

ULI JON ROTH will personally lead the guitar and music seminar,
which is coupled with a series of three exclusive
by himself and his new band in the same venue.

Each concert is going to be devoted to a different theme
and will feature music from all phases of Uli’s career, including

The venue for both the Academy and the concerts is the
Ralph Freud Theater at the University Campus of Los Angeles (UCLA).

For further information on the seminar and concerts
please visit the official SKY ACADEMY WEBSITE

at http://www.sky-academy.com/


Tickets for the concerts will go on sale soon,
and a date will be announced shortly on this page. 

< 30. OCTOBER 2005 >

Uli Jon Roth's European record company SPV is releasing
two of his previous albums simultaneously.
Both albums have not been available for a long time

and have been digitally re-mastered by Uli himself.


which came out in 1985 and was the last-ever album

of Uli's then-band ELECTRIC SUN.
The exiting re-
release comes with extensive new artwork
and a Video bonus-track - the
original promo-video for the single

THE NIGHT THE MASTER COMES - which has never

been commercially available until now.





The second re-release is


of Uli's SKY OF AVALON project, which was first
released in 1996. The CD also
contains a hitherto unreleased
video for 

album featuring ULI JON ROTH & SKY ORCHESTRA.

Both albums are available now.





< 28. SEPTEMBER 2005 >

The line-up of Uli's band for the up-coming
European dates will be as follows:

ULI  JON  ROTH - Guitar, vocals
FERDY  DOERNBERG - Keyboards, guitar

JUERGEN ROSENTHAL will join Uli and the band
on stage for some of the shows to play a couple of

songs from the FLY TO THE RAINBOW album.

Uli, Francis and Juergen - who all had been members
of the German Cult band DAWN ROAD before they
merged with SCORPIONS in 1973 - have not shared  
a stage
together since 1974, and Uli is looking forward
very much to playing with his old friends again.
The program for this tour is going to be extensive,

as Uli intends to play material from all phases of his

career, including many early SCORPIONS and

ELECTRIC SUN songs. Quite a few of these have

actually never been performed live so far. Since there are

so many songs to choose from the program may vary

substantially from night to night.

< 10. SEPTEMBER 2005 >

performed their first concert together in Colmar, France
since they had been on stage together in Tokyo in 1978.
For many of U.J.R. and SCORPIONS fans, this was
a very emotional and truly historic event which they had
long been waiting for.

The Parc Expo amphitheatre was virtually sold out with
 approximately 8000 people in the audience. After two support bands,  
Uli took to the stage just after dusk at 20.30hs with a new band,
which he had put together especially for this event and which was
rehearsed.  (Rehearsals took place in Hanover, Germany,
in the week leading up to the show. 
For the line-up, please refer to the previous news post.)

Uli and his band played a 70 minute plus set, which
featured 3 songs from REQUIEM FOR AN ANGEL
 alongside material from his ELECTRIC SUN and SCORPIONS days.

For the last two songs he was joined by his old Scorpions buddy,

RUDY LENNERS, and they performed “Catch Your Train”

and "Polar Nights” together. Uli dedicated the first of these
two songs to Klaus and Rudolf.
The audience responded enthusiastically throughout the virtually flawless U.J.R. set,
which premiered two beautiful new songs from the Requiem - the unique
and powerful rock-epic  Land Of Dawn and the slow and heartfelt instrumental
“Forgive”, which Uli had written especially for that show 2 weeks ago.
The intensity of Uli’s performance and that of his band in connection
with the images on the screen was palpable. Further highlights included
“Sky Overture”, which was the opener, a full-length version of "Winds Of War",
 a mind-blowing “Enola Gay – Hiroshima Today?” and the new orchestral
version of “The Sails Of Charon”, which was particularly well received.
The set also featured a brief version of "Virgin Killer", followed by
another Scorpions classic from the Uli era, "Fly To The Rainbow".

The SCORPIONS sound check took place at 1.30 in the afternoon,
and it was a sweltering day in Colmar. Uli, Mathias and Pawel had a little
jam session onstage before the sound check proper, which lasted for about an hour.
Scorpions and Uli rehearsed four songs at the sound check and the feeling onstage
was great from the word go. Briefly before the concert it was decided
to also include "Kojo No Tsuki" in the set.

Following U.J.R., SCORPIONS played an amazing set, and Uli

joined them half-way through to play the four songs together.
KLAUS MEINE gave Uli a very warm welcome onstage

and there were smiles all round when Klaus said,

“Please give a big welcome to the legendary Uli Jon Roth!”
The audience were spellbound and went wild with the excitement
of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.The first song was “In Trance”,
which Uli kicked off with
a haunting improvised guitar intro and when
Klaus started
to sing, the audience immediately chanted along with him.
The guitar lead was shared by Uli and MATHIAS JABS in

harmony, and the two guitarreros sounded great together while
RUDOLF SCHENKER was blasting his famously energetic
and relentless power chords underneath.
The next song on the menu was “Pictured Life”, which the band
hadn't played for ages.  This was followed by
the sort-of
impromptu version of “Kojo No Tsuki” from
Klaus dedicated the next song, “We’ll Burn The Sky”,
to MONIKA DANNEMANN, Uli’s deceased girlfriend,
who had written the lyrics to that Scorpions classic back in 1977.

The band then continued their set and Uli came out for the encores

again to play “He’s A Woman – She’s A Man”. RUDY LENNERS

also participated on that song playing along with JAMES KOTTAK.


Previous to the show Klaus, Rudolf and Uli had a joint interview with

one of the French Rock Magazines and gave television interviews.


There was a major glitch before the show regarding Uli’s MIGHTY WING Sky guitar.
One of the tremolo bar springs at the back of the guitar had come off and rendered
the guitar practically unplayable. Luckily – literally in the last moment -
Rudolf’s guitar technician and repair whiz - PETER KIRKMAN - performed 30 minutes of surgery
and repaired the damage just in time for Uli to restring the precious instrument before the show.
Uli had no spare guitar with him and would have had to pretty much cancel the show without
MIGHTY WING since none of his new material can be played on a standard instrument.
Thank You, Peter !!!

Both Uli and Scorpions were very happy about the event, which came about
rather unexpectedly and at pretty short notice under the auspices of French
promoter Joelle Kilhofer of Music Forever.

During their joint interview in the afternoon Klaus and Uli already
hinted to the press that they would like to see more of these events in the
and possibly go on tour together.

Pictures and possibly video clips of the event will follow later.

For some immediate pix here are some links:




< 21. AUGUST 2005 >

Here is the line-up of Uli's band for the
up-coming  two shows in September:


will join U.J.R. as a special guest during his set in Colmar.


< 12. AUGUST 2005 >

The first ULI JON ROTH NEWSLETTER has now gone out.
It contains a lot of interesting info regarding up-coming releases and tours
as well as on SKY GUITAR ACADEMY and was largely written by Uli himself.
Please click on the link below to receive it.



< 9. AUGUST 2005 >

The ULI JON ROTH VIDEO ARCHIVE has now been added to this site
and offers some free downloads including videos which have never been
available until now. Please click on the link below to check it out.


< 6. JULY 2005 >

The American Tour and SKY ACADEMY  have been put back
until the beginning of 2006.  ULI JON ROTH will first play some
shows in Europe instead.
The first of these is going to be in Colmar, France, 
(September 10), at an open-air arena, where Uli is going to be on
same bill as his former band, SCORPIONS, and one other group (t.b.a).
Uli will later join the band during their set and they will
perform a couple of Scorpions classics together,
dating from the period when Uli was still a member of the group.
This will be a somewhat 
historic and nostalgic occasion for a lot of fans
from the past, who have never had the chance to see Uli with the Scorpions,
because this is going to be their first joint appearance since
the recoding of TOKYO TAPES in 1978.

On the following day ULI JON ROTH will head-line
the GUITARFEST 2005 in Birmingham, England
at the South Birmingham College.

The tour in November will include Germany, France,
Switzerland and Greece.
For a full listing of the European concert dates which have been
confirmed so far, please refer to the link below.


< 6. JUNE 2005 >

ULI JON ROTH  will be featured in a guest performance
on IAN GILLAN'S upcoming album "GILLAN'S INN".
The album celebrates Ian's 40 years in the world of rock, and
 for this end Ian invited a dazzling number of friends and fellow-
musicians to contribute performances. These include, among others,
all the current members of DEEP PURPLE, furthermore RONNIE JAMES DIO,

and MICHAEL LEE JACKSON. It has been rumoured that LUCIANO PAVAROTTI
might also be part of the equation.

ULI recorded multiple lead guitars for two tracks,
which, by all accounts, came out stunning. The two songs are
This was, in fact Uli's first ever guest appearance on a rock album. 
"It was an honour to be asked by Ian to be part of this, and I accepted gladly,
because I have always been a big fan of his singing and I had a lot of fun
recording the guitars for the tracks."


< 21. MARCH 2005 >

Latest News Update: Uli has been focusing mainly on his work in the studio
for the last couple of months and has not given any interviews, which is why
it has been quiet in the news department. But lots of activity has been going
on behind the scenes and we will now fill you in on some of them.

 Uli will conduct further recording sessions for REQUIEM FOR AN ANGEL
with the members of SKY ORCHESTRA over the Easter period.
Work on the album, which will comprise of two CDs, has been going
very smoothly recently and a lot of progress has been made.
No release date has been set as yet.

Further developments: ULI JON ROTH will play
a head-lining tour of North America in September 2005.
Uli will bring two very special guests and a band
as well as the large multi-media screen, which was also featured
on the previous US tour.
Further details of the tour will appear on this site in the near future,
and as soon as the first shows are confirmed they will be posted
on this site as well as being published in the NEWSLETTER.

Uli is also contemplating to do tours of Japan, Europe
and South-America following this.

In October we are planning to hold the first ever SKY ACADEMY
seminars, which are going to be held in LOS ANGELES, in GERMANY,
and probably TOKYO as well as HIROSHIMA. 

The Sky Academy events are going to take place in a very novel format
and are centred around Uli Jon Roth's teaching regarding the guitar and his
unique approach to music. Special emphasis will be laid on little-taught subjects
such as 'The Way Of Inspiration' and on certain key points which enable the participants 
to get to a higher level of playing and overall musical awareness.

These events are essentially 3-5 day seminars, which are going to be held in theatres.
The Los Angeles seminar will be 5 days, whereas those in other cities will run
from three to four days respectively.
They comprise of master classes,  informal lectures by Uli, as well as of concerts.
Uli will do most of the teaching himself, but will be aided by assistants and guest tutors. 

An official SKY ACADEMY WEBSITE containing all the relevant
information, including dates and how to apply, will be announced soon.

< 14. JANUARY 2005 >

ULI JON ROTH is currently featured in the 25th anniversary
issue of GUITAR WORLD magazine. Uli gave his  first ever on-camera
lesson about 'THE SAILS OF CHARON'. He was being
 interviewed by ANDY ALEDORT who also did the printed transcription.

For demonstration purposes Uli opted to play with a completey
sound in order to show how the song should be played correctly. 
The footage was recorded last September in New York following Uli's US tour.

There is also an interview cum article in the current US edition of  "GUITAR PLAYER".

< 1. JANUARY 2005 >
Uli has written an extensive 
in the Forum.

 < 31. DECEMBER 2004 >


The 'A R C H I V E S' button has now been activated on this site.

The CONCERT PICTURE ARCHIVE features nice hitherto

unpublished photos from various U.J.R. 2004 shows.



The Video/Film archive is also going to be activated very

soon and will allow you to download a variety of old

 and new U.J.R. related footage and clips.


 < 30. DECEMBER 2004 >


The 'LATEST SITE UPDATES' button has now been activated.




< 13. DECEMBER 2004 >


There is an interesting and amusing little story about Uli's jam with
on the STEVE MORSE Official Website written by
Steve himself. You can find it under 'notes from the road - November 19'.




 < 26. NOVEMBER 2004 >


 U.J.R. played at the JIMI HENDRIX FESTIVAL in ROME, ITALY tonight.
The venue was Stazione Birra in Rome Ciampino. Uli was truly in great form

and played an impromptu set which was largely improvised overcoming a number
technical problems in the process. The backing band for all the
guitarists onstage were the London based 'THE ATTACK'

whose musicians Uli had never met before. 

 Before the show at the sound check, Uli was clearly unhappy with the hired

equipment, which was largely not what had been agreed upon before

and was faulty on top of it, but Uli made do with what was there and 

decided to make the best of it. 

At the brief sound check Uli explored a few of Jimi's songs, but chose to play
different ones during the concert. He was giving cues to the band as he went along,

not all of which were successful as it took a little while for the other musicians
to get used to Uli's free flow improvisational
style and they sometimes
had a hard time keeping up with his ideas, which was
difficult as the band
was relatively new to the world of Hendrix music.
However, this did nothing to dampen the general excitement of the

audience who clearly honoured Uli's set, which had been preceded by four

Italian guitarists, as the fitting highlight at the close of a very enjoyable night

  completely dedicated to Jimi's music.
  Since he was last on the bill Uli started to play very late,

but from the beginning he had a great rapport with the audience

as well as with the music.
The sound during the first song, "All Along The Watchtower",

was a bit shaky due to the fact that Uli's hired amp blew up literally minutes

before the show and he suddenly had to play through FABIO CERRONE's

gear, who kindly offered it when the emergency arose.
 Initially Uli couldn't get the amp to create a singing tone, but after

a little knob twiddling the problem was solved and Uli's six string
GUITAR (EMPEROR) then sounded superb throughout.
Highlights of the set included
a surprise rendition of
"STAR SPANGLED BANNER" - a piece which
Uli had last played
at a Hendrix Festival in Brussels in 1990 - and an
unusual version of
"VOODOO CHILE - SLIGHT RETURN", which he hadn't played since

his 1999 concert in Vienna.

This was the first Jimi Hendrix based concert Uli was involved

in since 1992 and he enjoyed himself enormously, commenting

afterwards "at first when the promoter rang me with the idea

I wasn't so keen, because I wasn't in the right frame of mind

for such an event, but then it began to appeal to me.

It is sometimes good to re-connect with one's past and to

look at familiar things with a fresh eye. Whenever I do this

I seem to learn something new and I'm discovering things

which eluded me before. I grew up with Jimi's music and

it is easy for me to tune into this world and re-connect

instantly, but at the same time it is always a challenge

to breathe new life into his amazing music onstage."





 < 14. NOVEMBER 2004 >


 ULI JON ROTH made a surprise appearance

Uli had just attended the show as a back-stage guest, but was
spontaneously invited to join the band for the last encore, which

was the well-known Deep Purple classic 'Black Night'.

Uli played on one of STEVE MORSE's Music Man guitars

and for the first minute of the song the amp didn't work.
Just prior to the first lead Steve gallantly unplugged his
own guitar

and handed it to Uli who went into an amazing guitar lead right away.
As soon as the second amp finally did work both

played improvised leads and off-the-cuff  question and answer phrases

  in perfect harmony and were clearly enjoying themselves

which resulting in a lot of big smiles on stage.
Despite a few equipment problems on DON 
AIREY's side

Purple played a classic set and the sold-out Cardiff Arena

loved every minute of it.

After the show Uli commented "'it was a great honour to be asked

to jam with DEEP PURPLE. For me they always have been the

one band who defined the genre of classic rock like no other

and they are still to this day an amazing band.

Apart from that they are the nicest guys and made me feel

so much at home. Steve's  playing was just great and I was really

moved by his solo piece. It was also so kind of Steve to hand me

his own guitar cord when the amp didn't work. Not many guys

would have done that. He was a true gentleman on and off stage,

making me feel completely at ease and welcome." 


"IAN GILLAN for me has always been my favourite male singer in rock

and as I watched the band today I was amazed at how pitch-perfect every single note

was that he sang throughout the evening. Didn't put a single foot wrong - each and

every note was in the pocket and delivered with great feeling and total authority.

 Back  in the seventies it was his voice and his vocal approach more than

any other which defined the sound of rock singing more than

anybody else's in my book and he's still got it !"

The other bands on the bill were THUNDER, followed by

PETER FRAMPTON, who also played a great set.






 < 27. OCTOBER 2004 >



has been postponed to December 4, 2004.

Uli will also perform the same program in ROME, ITALY

on November 26, 2004.
The other guitarists on this bill will be GRAHAM OLIVER,



  < 14. OCTOBER 2004 >


 ULI JON ROTH has been invited to play at the


on November 6, 2004 at the SPORT ARENA
He will perform three songs by JIMI HENDRIX
as part of

Uli's backing band is going to be THE ATTACK with DAVID O LIST.

The event will be televised by MTV RUMANIA.



  < 9. OCTOBER 2004 >


 ULI JON ROTH & SKY ORCHESTRA gave an open-air concert
CASTLE BECK (SCHLOSS BECK) in Bottrop-Feldhausen, Germany.

This concert was designed to be somewhat of a test-run for a series

of similar ones which are to be held next year and had only

been advertised briefly in the local press at relatively short notice.

Therefore only some insiders and avid internet surfers had the chance

to know about this event beforehand. It came as no surprise then that due to the

combination of a general lack of promotion, coupled with the biting cold,

only a few hundred  people turned up, but those who did were rewarded with a unique

visual spectacle and lots of great music. The first five minutes of the show

 were being broadcast live by WDR television and included an interview

which Uli had given onstage just prior to the start of the concert.
The sound throughout the evening, mixed by Georg Feltes,
was excellent and crystal clear.


The first half of the concert consisted of an almost complete rendition of


interspersed with various explanations and comments by Uli

about the music in between the main sections of the piece.

Uli commented several times (only half-jokingly) about the

chilly temperatures and how he felt that it was nigh-on impossible

to play properly in such semi-arctic conditions.

The cold and damp also strongly affected his tuning, because the strings

and tuning pegs kept recalcitrantly refusing to cooperate in the cold, which is why

Uli had to re-tune the instrument a lot in between songs

while making jokes about it over the microphone.

At one point during TALES OF THE SUMMERWIND

Uli even forgot to switch off his tuning device, started to play

and looked puzzled for a few seconds as to why there was no sound

emanating from his guitar until he realized what had happened. While a look

which was a strange mixture of smile and exasperation swept over his face, 
quickly stepped onto the pedal to rectify the situation

and to get back his sound so that he could continue to play.

METAMORPHOSIS received intense applause and was followed by an intermission,

which gave the performers a chance to finally warm themselves up.

The organizers had also not mowed the lawn in front of the large stage,

and the long, wet grass slowly turned many a pair of feet in the very patient and

enthusiastic  audience into blocks of ice.

 & SKY ORCHESTRA opened up the second half of the show

with two MOZART pieces, RONDO ALLA TURCA and

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, an aria from Mozart's opera THE MAGIC

FLUTE. Uli then announced the first of the very special guests,

LIZ VANDALL, who proceeded to sing "FALLING FROM THE SKY"

a piece she had just recorded for a solo album she is currently working on.
Uli improvised a guitar solo over the intro of the song
and Liz gave an amazing vocal performance.
Liz still suffered a little bit from a cold which had affected her throat

only a couple of days before, but this did not seem to impede her singing tonight.
Next she sang the haunting introduction to HIROSHIMA with the backing of
SKY ORCHESTRA, before Uli launched into the main part of that piece.

After this it was VICTOR SMOLSKI’S turn to brave the cold.

He performed two pieces written by JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
from his new album MAJESTY & PASSION (which also features a guest
appearance by U.J.R.)
and one of his own.
This created a lot of excitement and got the audience fired up.

Clad in only a thin shirt VICTOR also made funny comments

to the audience about the cold onstage before launching

into a vicious guitar solo which he delivered flawlessly
at break-neck speed.

This was followed by Uli’s new orchestral version of
THE SAILS OF CHARON which also featured LIZ VANDALL on vocals and was challenging
the dexterity of the players of SKY ORCHESTRA, particularly at these temperatures.

Uli then introduced the next guest, DORO PESCH who chose as her first song I RULE THE RUINS.

This was followed by FUER IMMER and her beautiful new single LET LOVE RAIN ON ME.
DORO was in great form and traded some impromptu exchanges with ULI,
who answered her voice with superb feeling on the SKY GUITAR.
All three songs were performed with the SKY ORCHESTRA
who played string arrangements by OLIVER PALOTAI
and DORO received tons of applause.

After that Uli played a driving version of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER,
which he announced as one of his personal favourites.
The evening closed with two special songs the first of which was a slightly
extended version of BRIDGE TO HEAVEN,
for which LIZ VANDALL gave a stunning first-time vocal performance and
VICTOR SMOLSKI improvised a solo in the finale which followed

Uli's classic Wah-Wah lead. 

All three guitarists – Uli, Victor, as well as JOHN BOSWELL,
who played rhythm on a few songs - were battling to keep
their instruments in tune all night long because of the chilly temperatures.

In fact, both Victor's and John's guitar had gone so much out of tune

before the last song that there was no time to retune for them, particularly

since Victor was using a tremolo locking system, which takes more time

to set up. As a result it was left to Uli to play the final song alone

without the other two guitarists.

The final song of the night was ANGEL, which Uli had last performed in 1991
at the JIMI HENDRIX CONCERT in Cologne.
DORO and LIZ each sang a verse and then largely shared the refrains.
There had been no chance to rehearse the song beforehand
and the two vocalists smiled at one another while improvising and
figuring out  harmony parts onstage.
After this the audience clapped really hard to obtain an encore,
but unfortunately no further songs had been prepared and the four main soloists
as well as SKY ORCHESTRA bowed together before they left the stage.

Since the show several promoters for castles in Germany and England
have expressed their wish to stage ROCK MEETS RENAISSANCE next year.
Hopefully this will take place at a more benevolent time of the year

and at more humane temperatures.





 < 20. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


 Today Uli was invited to visit the headquarters of

GUITAR WORLD in New York City. He was interviewed

on camera and gave  detailed insights about the guitar work

on his song "THE SAILS OF CHARON".
For demonstration
purposes Uli opted to play with a completey
undistorted, almost 
unamplified sound in order to show how the
song should be played correctly. 
Uli was asked to explain virtually the whole song

including picking patterns and fingerings.
The interview will be featured on an
instructional DVD
which will be included in the magazine.



 < 19. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Tonight Uli played the last concert of his 2004 tour of America.


 As opposed to the rest of the tour this show did not feature MSG

and consequently Uli played a longer set.

There were two support bands playing beforehand.

Uli, Oliver and John played for almost two hours

and this concert turned out to be a very fitting end to the tour.

According to Uli this was his favourite of all the concerts in terms

of his own playing and the general flow of the show.

 Throughout the evening Uli was in a great and relaxed mood and chatted

a lot with the audience.

The set included “RONDO ALLA TURCA” from T.S.G. (as first encore),

which had not been part of any previous shows in the US

as well as Uli’s first rendition of “SUNDOWN” since 1979.

This was greeted by intense applause before the song

particularly so after Uli played an extended improvised solo at the end,

which completely deviated from the album version.

During the encores Uli surprised the audience with a little story about how

 he had promised to some people to play “POLAR NIGHTS” the following day.

Next he asked a young drummer, Jimmy, who played in one of the

support bands onto the stage to join him.

Uli had met him during the sound check and asked him his age, which was 14,

and since when he had been playing to which the answer was “since I was two.”

Uli then played through each song once at the soundcheck with Jimmy

and Uli was very pleased with the young man's talent.

The result was a great and riveting version of "POLAR NIGHTS"

 during the encores, followed by a long and improvised “DARK LADY”,

which Uli had not played live as well for quite some time.

Jimmy (unfortunately we do not know his surname – if there is anyone who does,

please let us know) laid down a steady beat with impeccable timing while John Boswell

played bass and Oliver Palotai traded solos with both Uli and John.

Towards the end Uli broke his a-string,

but continued to improvise as if nothing had happened.

Uli wants to thank everyone involved in this tour for their help

 and commitment and he also particularly wants to thank his fans

 who were such an appreciative and supportive audience at every concert.


 After the tour Uli said that he will definitely try to come back next year

and play an even more extensive tour of North America.




 < 18. SEPTEMBER 2004 >



LONG ISLAND tonight. The show was sold-out and unfortunately many

fans who walked up on the evening had to be turned away, because the venue

could not hold any more people. Uli played a good set, but was not in the

best of moods, because the stage was too small and the onstage sound of

the venue's monitor system as well as the p.a. sound were not strong enough.
The audience was standing
crammed like sardines and many couldn't see
very well. Despite these
obstacles the concert contained quite a few
highlights, particularly 
in the second half. Uli met the fans afterwards
and signed
autographs. Among the many guitar players in the

audience was guitar virtuoso JOE STUMP, who

also had been to the Chicago shows, but had

not talked to Uli in person before tonight.



 < 17. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Tonight's show was at the "THE JAXX" in SPRINGFIELD,

VIRGINIA. Uli clearly enjoyed himself on the stage, which

had a superb sound and he proceeded to play one of the

best shows of the tour. The set contained numerous

very strong moments of pure magic and Uli's playing

was flawless once again.



 < 16. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Uli played the only NEW JERSEY date of the tour tonight

at 'THE WRECK ROOM' in Wallington. Uli gave an

inspiring performance despite a major

sequencer glitch during Metamorphosis.



 < 15. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Yesterday morning Uli and his entourage briefly visited the

Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland before driving

to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show tonight was

at the historic "TROCADERO THEATER" and again

Uli, Oliver and John Boswell played an amazing show.

The support band were 'WASTOID'.

 < 13. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


U.J.R. played at PEABODY'S in CLEVELAND, OHIO tonight.

The concert went smoothly and Uli signed many autographs

afterwards and chatted to the fans.



< 12. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Tonight the tour proceeded to Detroit, Michigan. Uli's

equipment arrived late, which meant his show at the

I-ROCK dind't start until midnight. The concert had

many highlights and afterwards Uli said it was one of

the best shows he had ever played.



< 11. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


ULI JON ROTH and MSG played a second show at the

CHICAGO HOUSE OF BLUES tonight. Uli played a slightly

different set this time which culminated in a moving rendition of


Uli made the spontaneous decision to play these pieces after someone

had pointed out that tonight was a actually the third anniversary of the

tragic events of September 11. Uli dedicated this music to the memory

of the victims of this fateful day and explained how he had played

in Madrid, Spain earlier this year only a couple of days before a

major terrorist attack took place there as well. He said that it

served to remind him how easy it is to forget sometimes

how fragile human life can be.

When Uli played the haunting Elegy, following these words,

many in the audience were overcome with emotion,

but were then uplifted by the familiar and powerful sounds of

Beethoven's 'ODE TO JOY', which is probably the most

universal anthem for the Brotherhood Of Man.


Towards the end of the night Uli reappeared on stage to join

MICHAEL SCHENKER and MSG for another magical rendition




< 10. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Tonight ULI JON ROTH performed at the HOUSE OF BLUES,

CHICAGO, in front of a virtually sold-out house. Many in the

audience had been to Uli's last concert at the Chicago Metro

19 years ago and a high level of excitement and anticipation was

clearly in the air. Thunderous applause greeted Uli when

he entered the stage and proceeded straight into a blistering

SKY OVERTURE. The air was electric and Uli played

one of his greatest concerts ever. Throughout the set he

was totally in tune with the message of the music and so was

the crowd. Many started weeping during extremely

intense renditions of METAMORPHOSIS, HIROSHIMA

and FLY TO THE RAINBOW. Because of the extended

bursts of applause after virtually each song, Uli's set went

so much into overtime that he decided to end it after


As a special treat to both MICHAEL SCHENKER's

and Uli's fans the two friends decided to play

ROCK BOTTOM together at the end of MSG's

set, which was a fitting ending to a great and

emotionally uplifting night. This was the

only the second time that Michael and Uli had

played that song in public. The previous

occasion had been the LEGENDS OF


The openening band for the evening

were ENUFF Z NUFF who will

also be opening for Uli at the





< 9. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


U.J.R. played SHANK HALL in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin tonight.

Incidentally, Milwaukee had been the site of ELECTRIC SUN's

last ever concert back in July 1985.

Uli was clearly not happy about how things unfolded on stage this time,

but he stayed in a calm and relaxed mood regardless. The audience response

was great and very welcoming, but the venue's electrical circuits were not

up to the job of handling the demands of Uli's multi-media show.

As the voltage in the venue was too low, the projection system

refused to work despite the use of step-up transformers. There were

similar problems with Oliver Palotai's keyboard and computer set-up.

The low voltage also affected the onstage monitor sound which 

went up and down uncontrollably. In addition to this Uli got 

several electric shocks from his microphone and last, but not

least, his favourite Marhall amplifier blew up towards the

end of the set. As Shank Hall had been part of the

original SPINAL TAP movie, Uli made a remark

to that effect, which made everyone smile since

it was so appropriate to the events onstage

that night. The audience was very forgiving,

however, and although many noticed the adverse

circumstances, Uli and Oliver still played a great show. 




 < 6. SEPTEMBER 2004 >


Tonight Uli played at the HOUSE OF BLUES in NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana.

Not that many people attended, because there had been very little promotion
and advertisement,
but those who did were in for a great treat. Uli’s concert

was fantastic and the audience was entranced by the music and his stage presence.
< 4. SEPTEMBER 2004 > 

 ULI JON ROTH played a blistering set at the
Uli, followed by Michael, was first on the bill in the afternoon.
Having to play so early under the scorching Texas sun had its
drawbacks, but couldn't be avoided since the two guitar heroes
were added to the bill at the last moment, way after all the festival
had been put into place. The festival seemed threatened by rainstorms
earlier on as there was a mighty down pour just before bands set
up their equipment, but everything was fine by the time of Uli's set.
Due to the rainstorms Uli decided to cut his set short as otherwise
the time frame of the whole festival would have been threatened.
Despite the scorching heat and very high humidity Uli played
an amazing set against the odds. Uli also decided against
using the projection screen because of the wind factor,
but this did not seem to detract from the overall
impact of his performance.
The audience was clearly thrilled to see Uli back in
San Antonio after all these years and when he asked the
crowd who among them had been at his last show there
19 years ago, a lot of hands went up into the air.
Uli's set was followed by MSG, STARZ, MONTROSE
and LEGS DIAMOND. The atmosphere backstage was
very cordial among the bands and the members of Starz
and Legs Diamond were thrilled to be on the same bill as
Uli. All were vying to have their picture taken backstage
with the 'maestro'. The bands had already met the
previous night at a dinner at the San Antonio
Hard Rock Cafe.
The evening ended on a high note with an all-star jam
onstage which included Uli and Michael. The song was
'Long Live Rock 'n Roll' by Led Zeppelin and the guitarists
trading leads with one another. There were a lot
of smiles both onstage and offstage in the
audience. Uli promised to be back
next year.
  < 2. SEPTEMBER 2004 > 

 Tonight U.J.R. played at 'GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION'
in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The concert went smoothly and
Uli's playing and stage presence was inspiring as always.


  < 1. SEPTEMBER 2004 > 

 It has been confirmed the
concert at SCHLOSS BECK in Germany on October 9
will feature several very special guests.
Uli's guests onstage will perform several pieces
Very special guests are DORO PESCH,
The name of this multi-media event is
  < 31. AUGUST 2004 > 

  In the morning Uli went to visit the
which is is a historic monastery of great significance.
Uli was very moved by the spiritual beauty of the gardens
complete with humming birds and lotus flowers.
The concert in the evening was at 'BRICK BY BRICK'
in San Diego, Orange County. The club was jam packed
once again and the audience was in for another great night
of music followed by two hours of of signing autographs
by Uli for his fans. Many had traveled from Mexico to
experience his music live for the first time.
 < 30. AUGUST 2004 > 

  Tonight's show was at THE COACH HOUSE in
San Juan Capistrano, Orange County.
As on the previous nights many people came to see
and hear the show as the word gradually begins to
spread around the country that Uli is back in America
after all these years.
The audience was spellbound once again during the set
and quite a few people were being moved to tears by the
music and by Uli's playing.
Uli signed autographs after the concert until way past midnight.
 < 29. AUGUST 2004 > 

  Uli played and amazing set at a sold-out THOMMY T'S' 
(Cadillac Ranch) in Concord, California. Uli had a great
rapport with the crowd and got to talk a lot in between
songs. The air in the hall was electric and there were
almost constant bursts of applause during the various
sections of 'METAMORPHOSIS' and 'VIVALDI'S
FOUR SEASONS'. Tonight's show included
'VENGA LA PRIMAVERA' for the first time
in the US as well as 'ATLANTIS'.
Just like on the previous shows Uli stayed at
the venue after the concert signing autographs
and talking to the fans for over two hours.
Uli also met MIKE VARNEY for the first time
after having had many a conversation over the phone
with him over the last 25 years. 
   < 28. AUGUST 2004 >

  Tonight's show at the ROADHOUSE in Sacramento was sold out again.
Uli played a great set in the jam packed club. Onstage Uli commented on
the expressive heat, which exceeded 102 degrees Fahrenheit and made jokes
about it as there was no air-conditioning.
After the show Uli signed autographs for two hours
 (same as the night before) and met the fans.
The audience included members of the bands
< 27. AUGUST 2004 >

  U.J.R. played the VENTURA THEATER in Ventura, California tonight.
Contrary to the previous evening the show went smoothly and without
any technical mishaps. The front-of-house sound was superb and was
being matched by the visuals every step of the way.
The tremolo bar on Uli's main Sky Guitar, 'MIGHTY WING', which
broke off during last night's concert had been replaced just in time
for the show by Uli's friend and amp-builder ALAN CYR. In all
the repair operation lasted for four hours.
Among the many guests who came to see and meet Uli backstage
were ERIC SINGER, drummer of the band KISS and
MARC FERRARI, guitarist of the band KEEL.
Uli's youngest fan from Minnesota, SARAH FISHBEIN
had travelled all the way with her dad, Lou to say 'hi' to Uli
 in person and to attend the concert.
< 26. AUGUST 2004 >

 Tonight ULI JON ROTH played the first show of his US tour
in front of a sold-out HOUSE OF BLUES in West-Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Fans had travelled from all over the country to witness Uli's first
American concert in over 19 years. The audience was not to be disappointed.
Uli was greeted on stage by rapturous applause and received a standing
ovation as soon as he started to play. Being the first show of the tour
the concert was dogged by some technical mishaps with the equipment
 and gremlins, but Uli remained completely unfazed by this and refused
to let it affect his playing at all. If anything, the technical glitches with the
equipment spurred him on to play even better and more intensely.
The crowd was not only amazed by Uli's magnificent and superb playing,
but also by the releaxed and humorous way  he handled the glitches,
which included complete loss of electricity on all of his amps at the
beginning and a broken Whammy bar during the finale of FLY TO
THE RAINBOW. The multi-media cinemascope projection behind Uli
 looked fantastic and really augmented the music and a lot of people
were amazed by the whole concept, which is very novel.
Visual highlights included a very moving version of 'ENOLA GAY -
featured LIZ VANDALL on vocals. Further highlights included
 which featured SKY ORCHESTRA on the screen playing
alongside and behind ULI.
The concert was attended by Uli's friend WARREN DE MARTINI
of the band RATT.
Opening band were HEAVEN AND EARTH.
The evening was closed by the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP.
Michael was in good spirits and clearly enjoyed himself
during his set.
Uli would like to personally thank all the people who made
this tour possible.

< 25. AUGUST 2004 >


U.J.R. just finished rehearsals for the American tour in Los Angeles.
Due to unforeseen problems with OLIVER PALOTAI's schedule
there was only just enough time to complete two days of rehearsal
at Third Encore Studios in North Hollywood.
< 16. AUGUST 2004 >


There are going to be several ULI JON ROTH
 CONCERTS in the UK at the end of October.
This will be followed by a tour in France.

Rumours of Uli sharing the bill with MSG on their
Autumn tour of Europe are completely untrue. 
All U.J.R. appearances will be announced
on this website.

< 12. AUGUST 2004 >


perform an open-air concert at the well-known Renaissance castle
SCHLOSS BECK in Germany. The program will last for approximately
three hours with intermission and will include a complete rendition of
as many pieces from all stages of Uli's musical journey.
The multi-media event is going to be filmed and part
of the footage is meant to be included in a DVD,
which will be based on the music of the
Metamorphosis album.


< 10. AUGUST 2004 >


It has been confirmed that OLIVER PALOTAI will play
keyboards on the up-coming U.J.R. tour of America.


JOHN BOSWELL will play rhythm guitar.
Reharsals are said to take place in Los Angeles just
prior to the tour, which will start at the HOUSE
OF BLUES in West Hollywood, L.A.

< 6. AUGUST 2004 >

Uli gave an interview to Lee Graham from Dallas for the on-line


< 1. AUGUST 2004 >


U.J.R. will spend the next 5 days conducting and recording SKY ORCHESTRA.
He has prepared further new scores for
which are going to be recorded at SKYLIGHT MANOR STUDIOS.

As a special treat for his North American fans Uli has also written a full
symphony orchestra score for one of his best known pieces from his
SCORPIONS days - the rock-classic "THE SAILS OF CHARON".
The piece is now longer and even more dramatic. It is going to
feature exciting interplay between Uli's guitar and the
orchestra. It features LIZ VANDALL on vocals.
A video with her performance was produced last week 
which will be projected onto the screen as part of Uli's concerts.
SKY ORCHESTRA will record this new score during the upcoming week. 


< 30. JULY 2004 >


ULI JON ROTH  is currently directing the production of a series of music viedos,
which will be projected onto a cinemascope screen behind him during his shows
in the United States. The assembled footage is featuring spectacular images
 in sync with the music and contains several novel visual treats.
The videos will also feature the full SKY ORCHESTRA during Uli's
performance of "METAMORPHOSIS".

< 29. JULY 2004 >


A phone interview with Tony Sison for the L.A. based 'ALL ACCESS'
took place today. The main subject was 'Uli touring America'
The interview will appear in the next issue of the magazine.

28. JULY 2004 >


Uli gave an in-depth interview to Brian Butler for 'CREEM  MAGAZINE'  today.
Among other things Brian asked about what the creative process entails when
producing an album. A further subject was Uli's up-coming tour of the US.

< 20. JULY 2004 >


Europe's first and only "ROCK & POP MUSEUM" in Gronau, Germany
has officially opened its doors. In its first week it already attracted more than
10 000 visitors. The exhibition featured many interesting articles, including the
first ever prototype of the SKY GUITAR (the "DOLPHIN SKY"), which Uli Jon Roth
lent to the museum for long-time display. The guitar had been built in 1983 and was
Uli's main guitar from 1985-1987. The instrument is in its original condition, but
has been resprayed since then and has a different colour scheme now.

In future there are going to be further exhibits
connected with U.J.R at the museum.


< 18. JULY 2004 >


Uli gave an interview to Tom Orgad from Tel Aviv
for the on-line magazine "MAELSTROM".




< 10. JULY 2004 >



Here are the first confirmed dates for the upcoming concerts.
Please click on the link below.



< 3. JULY 2004 >


It has been officially confirmed today that ULI JON ROTH

will do an American tour starting at the end of August. 
The tour will comprise of approximately 20 shows,
 and U.J.R. will be on the same bill as the


Some of the concerts are also going

to feature GEORGE LYNCH.


Uli is looking forward very much to the tour, to meet his American

fans again - after an absence of 19 (!) years.
Uli's set will include material from all periods of his career,
including ELECTRIC SUN, SCORPIONS as well as pieces

from his latest album METAMORPHOSIS.


 All the confirmed dates will be announced on this website shortly.
< 28. JUNE 2004 >
Today Uli gave an interview for the next issue of Brazil's leading rock publication
"ROADIE CREW". He was being interviewed by Ricardo Campos. The main subject
were the "Transcendental Sky Guitar" albums including "Metamorphosis", which received
nine out of ten points when it was reviewed in the previous issue of that magazine.
< 13. JUNE 2004 >
Uli gave an interview today for the Greek students of Law website
"greeklaws.com".  The journalist was Kostas Mousogiannis.
< 12. JUNE 2004 >
U.J.R. has just recorded a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach
to be included as a guest appearance on an upcoming new album
by Russian guitarist Victor Smolsky. The album consists of music by Bach
which Victor chose and recorded. The piece Uli played on is the beautiful slow
2nd movement from Bach's famous Double Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor.
Victor and Uli are each playing one of the solo violin parts.
< 30. MAY 2004 >
Uli gave a telephone interview today for the Greek publication 'FANZINE MADRIGAL',
which is based  in Heraklion, Crete. The interviewer was Filippos Phyllis.
< 21. MAY 2004 >
The 'QUESTIONS & ANSWERS' section has just been activated on this site.
There you will have the chance to pose questions directly to ULI JON ROTH.
In order to get there just click the 'QUESTIONS & ANSWERS' button
under the main section 'COMMUNITY'.
< 20. MAY 2004 >
The string playesr of SKY ORCHESTRA have just completed a further 4 days of
recording at SKYLIGHT MANOR STUDIOS for REQUIEM.  The atmosphere
during the sessions was great and everyone involved was highly pleased with the
results. Uli was conducting and Martin Leissner was the engineer.
Uli has decided to postpone all touring activities until the end of the summer
in order to be able to fully concentrate on the production of the album.
 < 12. MAY 2004 >
Today U.J.R. gave an interview to the popular Russian Magazine 'PLAY'.
The journalist was Vsevolod Baronin. Uli will be featured in the June-July issue.
'METAMORPHOSIS' was also reviewed for this issue and received 5 out of 5 possible points.
< 11. MAY 2004 >
Uli Jon Roth is currently preparing for further SKY ORCHESTRA recordings,
which are scheduled for May 15-20 at his studio in Wales.
< 27. APRIL 2004 >
Uli did an interview  with Gary Cooper for the British magazine 'MUSIC MART'.
< 23. APRIL 2004 >
Here is a link to 2 interviews Uli gave in Athens on February 27.
The journalsists were Menelaos Megariotis writing for 'Metal-realm.com'
and Elias Ritsios writing for 'Metal Invader'.
< 21. APRIL 2004 > 
 Today U.J.R. gave an interview to Luke Lewis for
the UK based magazine 'TOTAL GUITAR'.
< 13. APRIL 2004 >
The SKY ORCHESTRA string players have just spent several days at SKYLIGHT MANOR STUDIOS.  
Several new pieces which are part of REQUIEM FOR AN ANGEL were recorded under Uli's direction.
Everyone involved was very pleased with the results and there will be further recordings next month.
Sound engineer for the sessions was Martin Leissner.
There is no release date for the album in sight, but Uli is planning to spend a lot of time on this
large-scale project over the next few months. We will keep you posted on the progress.
< 6. APRIL 2004 > 
Uli gave an interview to Mike Molenda, editor-in-chief of 'GUITAR PLAYER'.
The interview was mainly related to 'METAMORPHOSIS' and certain technical aspects
of the performance as well as the recording process.
< 4. APRIL 2004 >
It is currently still unclear precisely when U.J.R. will begin touring the US this year.
There have been some rumours that Uli would be part of the UFO tour, which
was being envisaged at the time. Accordingly, some  promoters jumped the gun
and have announced his name on the radio before contracts were signed.
There are plenty of offers on the table for a U.J.R. tour of the US,
 but it will take some time to finalize the dates, which will have to be integrated
with further European shows. We apologize for the inconvenience this uncertainty has brought as apparently some fans have already bought tickets to see Uli play in the US.
Please, don't buy any tickets to U.J.R. concerts unless they
are officially announced on this site !
Uli Jon Roth will utilize the time for new SKY ORCHESTRA recordings instead, to continue
the work on his next release REQUIEM FOR AN ANGEL
The recordings will take place at Uli's SKYLIGHT MANOR STUDIOS in Wales
and are scheduled to begin on April 10.
< 31. MARCH 2004 >
Today Uli visited the 'Musik Messe' in Frankfurt, Germany. He was part of a panel
of experts chosen by the 'Con Brio Verlag', who were discussing the pros and cons
of Europe's first Rock & Pop Museum in Gronau.
 Uli was officially inducted into the walk of fame last year at a ceremony in London
and was honoured by an engraved stone slab which carried his name.
< 30. MARCH 2004 >
The first official ULI JON ROTH FORUM  is now open.
You will find the 'SKY FORUM' under the 'Community' button.
The Forum will give all of us the opportunity to communicate directly with one another.
Please feel free to discuss whatever you like to talk about, but please do follow the
rules of courtesy and fairness. Don't forget that this site is dedicated to the
Spirit of Peace and that our aim here is to do something constructive.
Uli has said that he might also take part in some discussions from time to time.
The Forum should be pretty straight forward to use, but if you have any technical questions
or difficulties in using it, please contact the Webmaster for assistance. 
< 28. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight was the last concert of the UFO European tour which featured
ULI JON ROTH as Very Special Guest. The show took place at the
'Elysees Montmartre' venue in Pars in front of a virtually full house.
Uli and UFO both had a great reception and the concert was a fitting end to the tour.
Afterwards  Uli gave an impromptu on-camera interview in his dressing room to
Jean-Paul Bellanger of 'Mazal TV.com'.
< 27. MARCH 2004 > 
Uli and UFO played their only show in Holland of this tour tonight
at the 'Plato' venue in Helmond near Eindhoven.
It was a nice concert for both bands, but Uli was still suffering from his cold onstage,
although it didn't seem to interfere with his playing.
< 25. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight's show in Ingolstadt, Germany took place at the `Ohrakel`. 
Uli had last played in Ingolstadt precisely 30 years ago in March 1974,
just prior to the Fly To The Rainbow recordings.
After the show Uli gave an interview to a magazine from Belgrad, Yugoslavia .
< 24. MARCH 2004 >
Uli Jon Roth and UFO gave a concert in Berlin Tempelhof tonight at the 'Columbia Fritz'.
The show was virtually sold out and both bands got a great reception from the audience.
Among the many highlights of the show was Uli's haunting 'Requiem For Madrid' and
an intense rendition of Scorpions classic 'Fly To The Rainbow'.
Backstage Uli met JUERGEN ROSENTHAL, his friend from SCORPIONS' days
and guitarist ANDY MALECEK.
< 23. MARCH 2004 >
Uli played a beautiful concert tonight at the Mannheim 'Capitol'.
After the show Uli said that it was one of the nicest he had ever played.
The audience was mesmerized throughout and refused to let Uli go, whereupon
he chose to play Vivaldi's 'Tuona e Fulmina' as an encore, a piece he had not performed
on this tour so far.
< 21. MARCH 2004 >
After arriving in Nueremberg this afternoon, and despite still nursing a cold,
Uli went straight to the ‘Duerer House’, which once belonged to one of his favourite
renaissance artists, Albrecht Duerer. Upstairs, in the painter’s workshop Uli had a long
chat with a lady engraver, who is still working there according to the old traditions producing
prints from copper plates. In the evening, still braving the cold, U.J.R. played a nice concert
at the ‘Hirsch’, where he had last played just prior to the 2001 Japan Tour.
 < 20. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight’s show was at the E-Werk, Cologne. Uli had not played here since the night of the
memorable TV-show ‘A Different Side Of Jimi Hendrix’. Although Uli was suffering
from a cold tonight, the playing was great throughout. Among Uli’s guests who attended the show
and met him backstage were PETER BURSCH, DORO PESCH and VICTOR SMOLSKI.
< 19. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight Uli played his first ever show in Salzburg, Austria, in front of
a very appreciative audience. Uli and Michael Bramwell gave an impromptu rendition
of  the famous 'Rondo Alla Turca' to honour Salzburg's greatest son and Uli's favourite composer,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
 < 17. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played the 'Hugenotten Halle' in Neu Isenburg, near Frankfurt tonight.
It was a very good concert. Afterwards Uli was interviewed by a local TV station,
who also filmed part of the show.
 < 16. MARCH 2004 >
Uli Jon Roth played a great concert tonight at the 'Fabrik' in Hamburg.
The sound was excellent and Uli had a great rapport with the crowd.
Afterwards he gave a long radio interview to Christian Platz for the independent program 'Rock Bottom'.
He was later joined in the interview by ROLAND GRAPOW of the band 'MASTERPLAN'.
< 14. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight's concert at Stuttgart's 'Longhorn LKA' was a resounding success.
Uli received tons of applause throughout the show, particularly so after 'Metamorphosis'.
The playing was inspired and impeccable throughout and the sound was very good in the venue.
Uli dedicated the last piece of the show, 'Beethoven Paraphrase' to the victims of the horrible
bomb attacks of Madrid, who lost their lives a few days ago.
< 13. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played at an instore event at Hot Shot Records in Hanover this afternoon.
Highlight was an inspired free improvisation with his keyboard player Michael Bramwell,
which was spontaneous in lieu of a sound check. Afterwards Uli chatted to the audience and
answered questions. Uli then gave an in depth interview to the 'Maga Scene' magazine.
< 12. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played in his hometown Hanover tonight, at the Capitol, in front of a full house.
The opening act was JUTTA WEINHOLD. Uli played next, followed by UFO.
Uli had a great reception and played very well, but was far from happy with the sound
in this particular venue. The show was attended by two of Uli's ex-band members
< 11. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight's concert in Munich, Germany, was a very memorable occasion
for Uli's fans. Uli said onstage that he had not played in Munich since the
Electric Sun 'Beyond The Astral Skies' Tour in 1985.
Unfortunately there was no time for an encore tonight - maybe next time...
< 10. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played a beautiful concert tonight at the ‘Alcatraz’ in Milan, Italy.
The audience was very appreciative and enthusiastic - this was Uli’s first ever show in Milan.
After the concert Uli talked to local musicians and journalists.
< 9. MARCH 2004 >

Uli played an excellent show at the Z7 in Pratteln, near Basel, Switzerland, tonight.
After the show, the promoter, Norbert, invited Uli back immediately to play at a festival
in August at this great venue. Details to be announced.
< 8. MARCH 2004 >
...A long traveling day... Uli and his friend Percy drove from Bergara to Basel in Switzerland
virtually non-stop. The distance was 1350 kms and in the Alps they had to negotiate lots of snow,
before they made it safely to their destination just before midnight.
< 7. MARCH 2004 >
Tonight's concert in Bergara, in Northern Spain was intense and full of great moments for the
audience. It was Uli's first appearance at the 'Sala Jam'.
< 6. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played a mesmerizing set tonight in Barcelona at the 'Razzmatazz'.
Before the show Uli's car was parked in front of the venue and a couple of thieves
slashed a tyre and distracted the driver, Percy. They then grabbed a bag out of the car
but found nothing of value in it, which is why they discarded it. When Uli heard about the
incident he just smiled and called the muggers 'a bunch of desperado highway robbers'.
 Luckily nothing of value was lost.
 5. MARCH 2004
In the afternoon Uli visited the ‘Prado’ in Madrid, Spain.
Uli was particularly impressed by the two Duerer portraits in the collection,
as well as by the Rembrandt painting and the allegorical masterpieces by Hieronymus van Bosch.
Afterwards, back at the hotel, he gave an interview to Nestor Daniel for the Spanish magazine ‘Musicalidad’.
Then, after the sound check Uli was being interviewed for ‘Kerrang Magazine’.
In the evening Uli played his first ever show in Spain at a very nice venue, the ‘Divino Aqualung’.
Especially for the Spanish fans Uli played two Spanish pieces, which are not normally part of the set
this time; these were ‘Recuerdos De La Alhambra’ and a particularly haunting rendition of ‘Aranjuez’.
A further highlight of the show was an outstanding keyboard solo by Michael Bramwell.
The audience response to the concert was very enthusiastic throughout and  the sound was excellent.
< 4. MARCH 2004 > 
It has now been officially been confirmed that ULI JON ROTH will tour the U.S.A.
later this year. There is going to be a mixture of constellations, including 
 headlining appearances and festivals.

< 3. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. played at ‘Le Transbordeur’ in Lyon, France. The concert was sold out.
A soulful rendition of ‘All Along The Watchtower’ was one of the many highlights of the evening.

< 2. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. flies from London Gatwick to Strasbourg in France.
Unfortunately a little silver suitcase containing a soundcard for Uli’s music computer
was left behind in the arrivals area. While Uli’s company was having lunch in the cafeteria,
a pistol shot was resonating through the Strasbourg airport. Uli then saw a police officer walking
by with the remains of the soundcard in his hands. The poor thing had been shot right right between
its metal eyes. The silver carrying case was no protection. There was a big bullet hole lodged in the
device. Imagine there had been a bomb inside...
Uli just smiled and shook his head... ‘We live in a world of ever-increasing paranoia...
The new watchword of our time is ’SECURITY’ . This is the latest convenient excuse in order to keep the
people small and in a sheeplike state of mind. The instrument of subliminal fear has become
more important than Sanity. The ‘authorities’ are constantly curtailing civil liberties more and more.
The hand of the state is crude, ruthless, selfish and is ignorant of higher laws... oh well...’
In the evening Uli played the concert at 'La Laiterie' in front of a full house.
It was a great show between Uli's and UFO's set.
 < 1. MARCH 2004 >
U.J.R. has been invited to take part in an official podium discussion at the Frankfurt Musik Messe
in Germany. The event is scheduled to take place at 16.00hs on March 31.
Further information can be obtained from the ‘Conbrio Verlag’ or the Rock & Pop Museum, Gronau.
 Uli’s partners in the discussion will be INA DETER and others.
  < 29. FEBRUARY 2004 >
The sold-out concert in Thessaloniki, Greece tonight was a very special
occasion for many Greek fans, who had their first opportunity to see Uli play live.
After the show Uli gave a TV interview for OMEGA TV and also had a brief joint
interview appearance with VINNIE MOORE. The two great guitarists get on very
well with one another and the general feeling on the tour is very positive and relaxed.

 < 28. FEBRUARY 2004 >
ULI JON  ROTH performed his first ever show in Athens tonight in front of a
sold out house. Uli entered the stage to a thunderous standing ovation,
which lasted for a long time. He performed for about an hour
and played a good portion of METAMORPHOSIS.
As a special treat for his Greek fans Uli ended the incredible set with a version of
FLY TO THE RAINBOW, a piece which he had not performed since TOKYO TAPES
in 1978. The atmosphere throughout the concert can only be described as electric.
< 27. FEBRUARY 2004 >
Uli Jon Roth visited the Akropolis in Athens for the first time and was very moved by the scenery.
When asked by the journalists about his impressions  Uli responded ‘In the presence of the Parthenon
you can still feel the very breath of the Spirit of Antiquity.’
Uli was accompanied by his friend Sotiris, who specializes in Greek philosophy,
and by his sister ‘Heide’, who happened to be in Athens that day.
In the early evening Uli gave a string of  non-stop interviews back at the hotel,
the first of which was for Greece’s No 1 music Television program.
Later he attended a dinner at a Greek restaurant together with the members of UFO,
which was followed by an invitation by the promoter of the concert to make an appearance
at the ’Revenge Of Rock’ club, where they screened a lot of video clips from Uli’s past.
Both Uli and UFO signed a lot of autographs. Afterwards Uli attended a party at the TNT Club
which his Greek fans had organized. The atmosphere was very nice and Uli answered a lot of
questions from the fans on a podium. He then signed autographs non-stop for about
two and a half hours and chatted to the fans. Uli left the party at about 3 a.m.
< 26. FEBRUARY 2004 >
U.J.R. arrived at Athens Airport in the early evening together
with his new keyboard player Michael Bramwell. They had flown in from London Heathrow
after negotiating a gruesome two hour drive through what can only be described as a snow storm
in the mountains of Wales. Uli later said ‘I was surprised we even made it to the airport.’
 At Athens Uli was greeted by an exuberant crowd of Greek fans in the airport
 terminal, where he signed albums and chatted to them. 
< 23. FEBRUARY 2004 >
It has been confirmed that MICHAEL BRAMWELL
will be playing keyboards with Uli for the upcoming U.J.R. tours.
< 20. FEBRUARY 2004 >
The SCORPIONS FAN CLUB of Greece will give a party in honour
of Uli Jon Roth at the TNT Club in ATHENS on February 27th.
Uli will meet the Greek fans and answer questions on stage.
As a special treat the new promo DVD 'VENGA LA PRIMAVERA',
featuring U.J.R. & SKY ORCHESTRA, will be shown.
Click below for further information:
 Uli gave an interview to Daniele Purrone
for 'Rock Hard' (Italian edition) today.
< 17. FEBRUARY 2004 >
The first official ULI JON ROTH FORUM
will be opened very soon. You will find it under the
'Community' button. The Forum will give all of us the
opportunity to communicate directly with one another.
Initially the Forum is not going to be subdivided into subjects,
but at a slightly later stage we will introduce various sections.
Please feel free to discuss whatever you like to talk about, but
please do follow the rules of courtesy and fairness. Don't forget
that this site is dedicated to the Spirit of Peace and our aim here
is to do something constructive. Uli has said that he might also take
part in some discussions from time to time. The precise day of the
opening is going to be announced very soon. Watch this space...
< 11. FEBRUARY 2004 >
U.J.R. gave an interview to Adam St.James
for 'Guitar.Com', which should be on-line soon.
< 10. FEBRUARY 2004 >
Due to popular demand, the 'Authorized Uli Jon Roth Website'
by Peter Ekberg from Sweden is back online.
To visit please click below 
< 9. FEBRUARY 2004 >
There will be an in-store performance and signing
by ULI JON ROTH on March 13, at 'HOT SHOT RECORDS'
in the center of  Hannover, Germany at 'Nordmann Passage 1'.
 Fans will have a unique and rare chance to get their albums signed, 
to meet Uli in person and to hear him play close-up.
He will perform exerpts from 'METAMORPHOSIS' as well as  playing some other pieces.
For further information contact this number: 0049 - (0)511 - 26 25 690
< 6. FEBRUARY 2004 >
Uli did an interview with Marc Moingeon
for 'Koid 9' magazine - France
< 2. FEBRUARY 2004 >
Uli gave an in-depth interview to Mike Bohring
for 'Rock Hard' magazine, Germany

< 30. JANUARY 2004 >
U.J.R. has given two in-depth interviews with
1) Kurt Mitzkatis for 'germanrock.de'
There is now an mp3 file available for download
at the following address: http://www.germanrock.de/ 
The language on this interview is German.
2) Per Albinsson for 'Red Hot Rock' in Sweden
< 21. JANUARY 2004 >
U.J.R & SKY ORCHESTRA will probably perform a number
of concerts in the UK in April 2004 - dates to be announced shortly
< 20. JANUARY 2004 >
U.J.R. has conducted a phone interview with
Canadian author Martin Popoff from Toronto, Canada
for 'Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles'
and for 'hardradio.com'
< 16. JANUARY 2004 >
It has been confirmed today that U.J.R.
will play his first ever shows in Greece ! The dates are
February 28 - Athens
February 29 - Thessaloniki
Uli is very much looking forward to this, because so many
of his fans have been waiting a long time for this to happen
and he has always felt a special kinship to Greek culture and its people.

< 12. JANUARY 2004 >
U.J.R. is currently giving a series of interviews. We will keep you
informed about the various publications these will appear in.
Uli has just done a feature length interview with Lars Thielecke
for the German magazine 'GUITAR', which is scheduled
to appear in the March issue.
The first interview of the year took place on January first
with 'neo-classical' specialist reviewer Chris Ruel.

<  December 2003  >

It has been confirmed that U.J.R. will be
appearing on tour in Europe together with UFO in March 2004.


<  8. DEC 2003  >

The latest U.J.R. album has just been released in Europe on SPV
featuring ULI JON ROTH & SKY ORCHESTRA under the title of

An official US release will follow on February 24, 2004.


<  November 2003  >

Uli has just finished editing a Promo DVD with the title
The material was filmed at the Bedford in London, Balham
between September 15-17, 2003 and is consisting of the first
tracks of 'METAMORPHOSIS'.

<  20. December 2003  >

The "Authorized Website" by Peter Ekberg is now off line.
Uli would like to personally thank Peter for all the great work he has done
over the years in keeping all U.J.R. fans informed on a regular basis.
As there was so much relevant information on this site, it WILL be included here
in its entirety for future reference in a place of honour. As it has attracted so many
loyal visitors (it had no less than 112 000 visits over the last couple of years) those of
you who have grown fond of it will still be able to visit it. There are not going to be a
lot of new updates, but the extensive guestbook and poll/ review pages will still be active. 
Furthermore, Peter will also assist our  team with the new site as much as
his busy schedule permits.