U.J.R. feels that nowadays classical music is usually being presented to the audience in a way which almost inevitably alienates the public by not making any serious efforts to tune into the spirit of the time and age we live in. In his view, attitudes like these are doing classical music a great disservice.

It is a sad fact that within the last decade the world of classical music has experienced cataclysmic and, in some respects, devastating changes. Among other things, this is reflected by ever-diminishing CD sales in this field which by now have shrunken to virtual insignificance, and the market for this kind of music has almost approached a point of total collapse when compared to that of twenty years ago. This in turn makes it a lot harder for all concerned to devote enough financial resources to projects, performances or recordings involving classical music, which means there seems little future.

U.J.R. has predicted that this process might be irreversible unless the guardians of classical music find ways of counteracting this increasing marginalization. It is not that the wider population is immune to the beauties and riches of this finest of artforms - but rather that the majority of people is jaded or disinterested in this genre for a number of reasons.
Music simply isnít the culturally important force any longer that it once was in the publicís mind... Instead, Music has been sidelined and completely overtaken by computer games and other forms of entertainment.

It is a sad fact that our combined Western societies increasingly resemble a cultural wasteland. And this despite the fact that it has never been easier to have free access for the man in the street to what maybe the richest artistic heritage this world has ever produced.
The point is, however, that art has ceased to play a pivotal role in society and has been eclipsed or replaced by glittering emptiness.
Most artists across the spectrum would probably agree with these rather gloomy assessments, but when asked what ought to be done, they are usually at a loss, because the reality of the problem seems so enourmously overwhelming.

Uli Jon Roth feels strongly about these issues and feels he can provide at least some of the answers.He also believes that particularly his interaction with Sky Orchestra is able to prove that there is a way - or there are ways forward.

In order to counteract the complete erosion of artistic heritage and to foster chances for a sound future, Uli feels it necessary to make a point and to make a positive contribution - even though this may only resemble a drop in the ocean initially - it is still better to start building a future, rather than let the forces of entropy carry on unchecked in their rampant race of mindless demolition.

For this cause Uli Jon Roth has founded the LUX ARTIS SOCIETY, which is designed to give shelter to the true spirit of art and to promote a renaissance of artistic values within the parameters of the times we live in. The creation of Sky Orchestra is a first reflection of these aspirations.