SKY ORCHESTRA is both a concept as well as a group of excellent English musicians.
Originally founded by U.J.R. in order to record his symphonic albums, Sky Orchestra is now also performing live shows under his direction.
The overriding philosophy of S.O. is a natural result of Uli’s unique artistic vision.
Defying to be categorized or classified, the spirit of S.O. is one of transcending traditional boundaries in terms of presentation and communication with the audience. The result is magical.

By employing unusual recording techniques at his Skylight Manor Studios in Wales, Uli Jon Roth has perfected a unique way of blending the sound of a genuine orchestra with modern day instruments. This results in stunning state-of-the-art productions, which can best be heard on the latest S.O. release “METAMORPHOSIS OF VIVALDI’S FOUR SEASONS”.

Uli also attaches great importance to obtain similar sonic results in the much more acoustically difficult live environment of concert halls.
The superb live sound of Sky Orchestra is achieved by a novel approach of harmoniously combining digitally controlled sound environments with the live playing of the musicians.

Virtually equally important nowadays is the visual presentation of a concert.
One of the main reasons many younger people stay away from classical concerts these days is the fact that, more often than not, these events are visually unimaginative or even downright boring to look at. The music is not boring - but the actual visual image the audience is presented with is often even detrimental to the enjoyment of the music.

Purists would argue against this, upholding the old adage that music ”should” be “absolute”.
In fact, this view was very fashionable once with previous generations; but how much music really IS “absolute” ? Uli Jon Roth believes that great music does not suffer from a connection with well-chosen visuals, but that, on the contrary, it often vastly benefits from it.
U.J.R. strongly advocates a synesthetic approach to all artforms and is convinced that the future of art is to be found increasingly in the largely unexplored interplay between the senses.
This is the ONE approach which will be in keeping with the Zeitgeist of the future.

Of course, great music can and will always be enjoyed and understood by the pure act of listening - and there are as many different ways of listening to a piece as there are people - BUT, at the same time, the world is ready for a new look at all artforms...

“If we, as artists, still want to partake in the creation of works which have the positive power to really make a difference in this world - and in the one to come - we will need to produce things that have long-term relevance and impact by raising the stakes and by finding a way forward to create some kind of SUPER ART.
This new level of artistic achievement would have to be one which truly explores, fathoms and interacts with a much wider gamut of senses than anything we have ever been exposed to before.”